This Photograph

This Photograph


We all have our own style, some prefer softer prettier tone of guitar and others can't get it dirty enough, but it's those difference that make us unique. We only play how we do, but we sound like no one else.


This Photograph began in the winter of 2005 with Brantley Robinson, Vinny Cannon, John Smith on bass, and John David on drums. It began as an off-shoot of a previous band Everything and Less.

By sheer chance, or luck rather, Brandon Payne ended up a rehearsal in mid February of 2006 and the current shape of This Photograph began to take shape. Not to long after our current drummer left to persue other musical endeavors this lead to the addition of Jordan Knight and the driving force behind our sound.


Who We Were...And What We Have Become [ep]

Set List

"I love having you guys play, No matter how many people show up you always throw down!" Energy is key whenever we play a show, but never at the sake of the music. Longer sets run anywhere from 45 minutes to a little over an hour. The set list we have been sticking with recently:

Song Addressed to You
Why Paris, Why?
All We Have in Common is Bruce Lee

Go Get 'Em Tiger
Trading Houses for Homes
Sixty Days of Sleep