This Shirt Is Pants

This Shirt Is Pants


Our goal is to rock the socks everyone we come in contact with, using loud, riff-heavy guitars, epic keyboards, heartfelt vocals and a beastly rhythm section. Jake's lyrics speak to all different kinds, from the downtrodden to the heartbroken to the hopeful. We love to rock. It's what we do.


Formed from the ashes of Blarg!, Robot Love Song, Jolly Güd and AZ's countless smoke breaks, This Shirt Is Pants came together in the summer of 2006 on a quest to do no less than rock the very socks off the feet of the world. Jake's gut-wrenching delivery intertwines with Joe's riff-laden guitar melodies and soaring keyboards, while the pounding rhythms of Tyler B. Killen (bass) and Adam "AZ" Zack (drums) rattle the teeth from your skull.

Growing up together in the Tacoma suburb of University Place, WA, Joe and Tyler have long shared an interest in classic rock and the early 90s Seattle scene of grunge and beyond. They first started playing together in Jr. High, in the cover band Prefect, before moving on to original material (and ridiculous stage presence - makeup and all) with Blarg! in the beginning of 2000. They have continued in other bands, together and apart, all through their time together in high school and college, playing birthday parties, dorm events, and school band fundraisers.

Jake Westhoff and Adam "AZ" Zack share a similar story, coming up through the Puyallup School District on the opposite fringe of Tacoma, interests squared on indie punk. They hit the Tacoma scene playing numerous club shows with Robot Love Song and Jolly Güd.

It was in the summer of 2006 that, both looking for a new band, cousins Jake and Joe started playing together seriously. Tyler was a natural addition on bass. And it was Tyler who scheduled us our first show at his work, the local Boys And Girls club, sending us into a frenzy of songwriting and scrambling for a drummer, which led us right back to AZ.

So, with varying music tastes between them, TSIP converged on the one point in common: rock. Drawing on influences ranging from Thursday to Muse to Vendetta Red, This Shirt Is Pants has gone through a flurry of songwriting in the last few months, and are in the process of recording their debut EP at Pacific Studios in Tacoma.

So come along. Watch us rock. And don't forget to bring an extra pair of socks.


We are in the process of putting together our first EP. Currently available is the aptly titled Demo 2007, featuring:

1) Single Bullet Theory
2) When the Night Comes
3) Ocean

All three tracks are currently in rotation at KGRG, 90.9 Tacoma/Seattle.

Set List

Single Bullet Theory
When the Night Comes
The Hollow Men, pt. 1

Our current set is 30-45 minutes. We focus on entirely original material (with the exception of Hollow Menu, which has lyrics by T.S. Eliot).