This Side Of The Country

This Side Of The Country


Rob Vail brings you a great mix of country and bluegrass sounds in a genre of music called Christian Country. This Side of the Country will bring a positive message of faith and inspiration each week.


Rob has been a country music fan all his life. Brought up on the tunes of greats such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn, Rob's love affair with country music continues today. After turning his life over to Jesus Christ and making Him Lord of his life, Rob realized that the current state of country music was getting depressing. "I started really listening to what I was singing along with on the radio. My favorite artist at the time was Hank Williams Jr. and I was driving around signing a song called "Women I never had". When my wife heard me singing that she said what kind of testimony is that for a Christian. I knew then that it was not long before I was going to have to give up some of my music."
"Then one day while shopping in a Christian bookstore around 1994 I came across a CD with a guy on the cover with a cowboy hat and it had Christian titles to the songs. I figured I'd give it a shot and see what it was like. It was some of the best music I ever heard. It was real country and had great lyrics. That CD was by Ken Holloway and I have been listening to Christian country ever since."
Rob is actively involved in his church. He is happily married to his lovely and very patient wife Kathleen and they have 2 beautiful daughters, Kaitlyn and Rachael and one stepson, Kristopher. His hobbies include football, specifically the Dallas Cowboys, collecting football memorabilia, and working with Christian Country artists for This Side of the Country and for concert promotion.
"I really love doing the radio show because I believe that there are a lot of other folks out there like me who never even knew there were any alternatives to secular country music. I want to expose them to the choices that are out there. I think once they hear some of what we do on a weekly basis they will be very impressed at the quality of the music."


Playing Randy Travis, Charlie Daniels and Craig Morgan et al as well as genre specific artists like Ken Holloway, Tommy Brandt and Mike Manuel. It's country music with a faith and family message!