This Temper

This Temper

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

With a furious live show the brothers of This Temper leave blood and quite a bit of sweat on stage every show. Playing the synth, drums and singing simultaneously, lead singer Nick Mehalick channels Death From Above 1979 while brother Mike tears apart the stage and shreds the guitar like Jack White.


With a 9 year age gap, the brothers Nick and Mike Mehalick cover a vast range of musical influence. From Creedence, Zeppelin and ZZ Top to The Blood Brothers, Death From Above 1979 and Q and Not U. Having played in numerous bands, the elder (Nick) has been able to get This Temper a number of shows in Philly, NYC, and Connecticut (among others) gaining numerous fans by putting on a high-energy show and giving away their demo cds for free. As a two-piece with an incredibly full sound, the young talent (Mike) and outrageous multi-instrumentation (Nick) make a This Temper show nothing short of rock and roll spectacle.


Practice Your Sin

Written By: This Temper

S. I. N.

sexy little girl with the grey skirt on
you sit tight
I'll stay strong
sexy little devil with them green eyes flashin, I know you think of me, When your with him

Now turn around baby
Look back at me
And lick your lips real slow, well slow

Practice your sin, get it in

Hey Ms. Rabbit in the sequin dress
you'll never be the same
not after this
Hey Ms. Rabbit, feed me your line
I'll show you mine, we got time

Arch your back baby, Thigh to thigh
Hold up the wall, I'll cross your eyes

You grab my bomb yea you set, you set it off
you tok my words and you said em, you said em all

Practice your sin, Get it in Get it in


Abrasive Company- ep 2009
Play the Victim-LP 2010

Set List

Dear, Uncle Savage
Practice Your Sin
Take My Name
The Romantic
Fairweather Martyr
Heart is a Cave

A typical set runs 45-55 minutes but can last closer to an hour and a half. We only do covers on very rare occasions. These include the Legend of Zelda theme. Sonic the Hedgehog 'boss' theme. Instinct Blues and Well Respected Man.