Thistle Pie

Thistle Pie


Thistle Pie, a 3-piece rock band from the Ozarks of Missouri. Thistle Pie plays a mix of hard rock and metal. If you want real ROCK, We've got it! Everyone can enjoy some Thistle Pie, and everyone deserves a taste. Check us out online and listen to some tasty Thistle Pie tunes today!


Thistle Pie, a 3-piece rock band from the depths of the Ozarks, officially formed in 2006 in the city of Bolivar, Missouri. The name 'Thistle Pie' is a name that our bass player's mother came up with, and, is actually slang that was more commonly used in the 1950's and 1960's. Thistle Pie definitely has a sound of their own... a new breed of Rock & Metal.
TP's style is influenced by Metallica, Primus, Led Zeppelin, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, and Tool.
Jason "the bassist" was previously in a band known as "Media Dropout". Jason plays a mix of finger-style bass, some pick bass, and a mean slap bass.
Sean "the drummer" was previously the singer of band "Hangar 17" as well as the drummer of a blues band "LedFoot" Sean has a very unique drum style that is a mix of both classic and modern drum style. Brad "the guitarist" plays guitar styles ranging from classic rock, alternative rock, metal and modern hard rock.
The unique rhythm section of the band along with the unique vocal tones combined in harmonies set TP apart from any other modern rock bands.


-"THISTLE PiE" - 2008
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CD#2 (2009)

Set List

1. "Thistle Pie Anthem (Jungle Beat Prelude)"
2. "The Fire"
3. "Chicago"
4. "Love will Grow"
5. "Nothingless Lies (waste)"
6. "Come on Down (I Want to Pray)"
7. "How's YOUR Mom?"
8. "Bob Cougars Mellon Snatch"
9. "Shining Star"
10. "All by Myself"
11. "The Circus"
12. "Madness"
13."My Twisted Valentine"
14. "A Feast for M"
15. "This Life..."
16. "Immigrant Song" (Cover)