This Wicked Tongue

This Wicked Tongue

 Worcester, England, GBR

Stoner Rock Meets Pop Princess. Distorted guitars, pulsing rhythms, blinding riffs, velvety vocals that erupt ferociously, beguiling beauty, LOUD, " boy oh boy aren't these the best bunch of rockers I've heard in a long long time" - BBC website 2010


The girl is Tina V - beautiful singer songwriter - "I just love that girl's voice" (Andrew Marston, BBC Radio, 2010) - she was gigging solo, wowing audiences with those velvety vocals and her clever piano playing, when she encountered some rather worldly-wise rockers, Ancient Addicts Haydn Rogers and Si Anthony, who started to rock up some of her sweet songs. Before long there was a new band - April 25th 2010 they gigged for the first time; since then they've supported Athlete, appeared on BBC TV, played live on radio three times, had loads of local radio play and gigged far and wide in the heart of England. Ben Pemberton completed the lineup in October 2010 and since then they've gone from strength to awesome strength. Feb 2011. "They have superstar written through them like a stick of rock" - Andy O'Hare - BBC Radio, 2011.


First studio recording, recorded Nov/Dec 2010, mastered Jan 2011.

1. The Storm in the Hourglass
2. Damn It
3. A Glance at a Buddhist Wristwatch
4. Home Thoughts From Abroad
5. Fools Rush In

Other, earlier live recordings

6. Paradise
7. Worthy Deceit
8. Perpetual Motion
9. The Simpsons are on at Six

Set List

Set lists vary according to venue and length of gig.

Original songs

Perpetual Motion
The Simpsons are on at Six
A Glance at a Buddhist Wristwatch
Fools Rush In
The Storm in the Hourglass
Worthy Deceit
The Simpsons are on at Six

Main Covers

20th Century Boy
Dumb Fun
A Hard Day's Night
All Along the Watchtower
Home Thoughts From Abroad