This World Fair

This World Fair


Think Coldplay meets Jimmy Eat World: it’s combining delicate, personal themes with powerful instrumentation. It’s like wearing your heart on your guitar without being an emo band: it’s heartfelt, but not whinny; it’s fun, but not overdone.


This World Fair is not just the name of a band from Minneapolis. It represents the idea of a truly beautiful earth, the excitement of a global event, the bright parts of an otherwise dark place, and the irony that the world is indeed far from just. It supersedes the notion that a band’s only job is to bring new music to hungry ears. In a generation of social, political, and musical mediocrity, This World Fair have set themselves against the grain.

Poetic and powerful lyrics for the mind; dynamic and dramatic music for the heart. This World Fair’s lyricist and front man, Chris Kalgren, plays piano and guitar, offering a welcomed variety both musically and visually. His voice showcases a large and powerful presence mixed with a vulnerable, near-whisper falsetto. His lyrics inspire listeners with themes of hope amidst desperation and love amidst rejection. Guitarist, DJ House, weaves brilliant and distinct melodies with driving, rhythmic chords through each song. Drummer, Tyler Jorenby, and bass guitarist, George Hadfield, make it seem as though the bass drum were thumping out the bass notes itself. Tight is an understatement.

This World Fair is about making music that is lasting. No tricks, no gimmicks, and no filler. Kings of A&R says, “Think Ben Folds Five, Coldplay, and Travis. Trippy, Dreamy and Atmospheric with hooks.” This World Fair intends to break into the hearts and minds of thousands of listeners well before the nation’s alternative top-40 lists. And although they’ve accomplished the former already, the later is not far away.



Written By: Chris Kalgren

Pour coffee on my dreams
Stain my reality
cause this is what I need

Don't pull a punch on me
Don't back down
Don't stray from the play you want us to believe you live for

Drama is swallowing me
wading through this irony
but she don't want to make a big scene, but with such a big stage and such a big screen she will

she will... She got the best of me

You got me pullin teeth
You got me beat cause everyone knows I'm your pawn and you're my queen

She say yeah, She say no

Waiting For You

Written By: Chris Kalgren

How do I tell you I've done it all?
I've drown all my senses and left a gaping hole
I've shaken that skeleton a hundred times before
And though he's dead and gone, he's still comin back for more

But, now I'm holdin out for something better
I'm holdin out for something good and true

I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting in the rain for you
I'm waiting for you
And you're not going to change if I ask you to

How do I show you I need you now
Will modern philosophy show me how
or will I find on my knees a spiritual psychology that gives me strength to wait, strong and faithfully

Oh, I've got so much to say
So many reasons kept at bay
but, my ceiling's gonna break away


Written By: Chris Kalgren

Trees: and the way they bend
Wind: where it starts and ends
We try to amend the things we cannot change
the things we cannot change anyway

If all is left to chance
If all is left to one night
If all our bigger plans
are left to what could be right

So is death and love
Neither can just give up on us
We can't pretend that we can get away from them forever

If all is left to chance
If all is left to one night
If all our bigger plans
are left to what could be right
And if we're on the run
from everything and everyone
We'll make it either way
We'll take the chance if it's right

Who may know where chance may go
When memory is old and thoughts grow cold?


LP: "Home"
Single: "Waiting For You"
EP: "So Is Death And Love"
Single: "Drama"

(both "Waiting For You" and "Drama" have had major radio station airplay).

Major Radio Stations include: Cities 97 (Minneapolis, MN), Drive 105 (Minneapolis, MN), KQRS 92 (Minneapolis, MN).

Albums independently sold: 2,000

Set List

Set lists are different for every show and are created minutes before a performance. Typically, one set from 45 to 75 minutes. Covers are personalized to an extent, but the repertoire reaches from Led Zeppelin to Keane. Most common covers include: Mysterious Ways (U2), Don't Panic (Coldplay), Yellow (Coldplay), Round Here (Counting Crows), Not Coming Home (Maroon 5), and Chocolate (Snow Patrol).

This World Fair Originals:
Waiting For You
No Someone
Give Up
What of Me
Stand Me Up
Here I Go
Today on Wall Street