An intensely funky experience with music that you can dance your buns off to or just listen and dissect. Keys, Guitar, Bass, and Drums that throw down sounds similar to the likes of Soulive, Galactic, and The Meters. From Richmond, VA these youngsters will knock down some musical barriers.


This band has been together since 2002, when it seemed like the four of us just levitated together, as if it was meant to be. Luckily, we all had the same tastes in music Booker T and the MGs, Charlie Hunter, Garaj Mahal, The Dead, John Scofield, MMW, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Fela Kuti, Steely Dan, Talking Heads, Tom Waits, and so on. Because each of us has our own extremely busy lives we never focused too hard on getting our name out there or signing record deals with independent labels (and Coran Capshaw). We just wanted to play good music: drumbeats so funky they sound like they should be coming out of a Neville brother, guitar-work that seriously rivals that of Derek Trucks, crunchy organs and fusion-influence keyboards, and all I need to say about the bass player is that the first song he learned on the bass was "I'm Black and I'm Proud" (keep in mind this is a band of white folk). None of us can sing so we've stuck to instrumental tunes or songs with chants. We've played shows with bands like Toubab Krewe, SOJA, DJ Williams Projekt and have gained a lot of experience live and on stage. Our sound is fairly hard to describe because you dabble in so many genres, but our music mainly consists of fusion, funk, jazz, blues jam. Many people have likened our sound to how the music scene in New Orleans sounds, but we're not limited to that either. Most importantly, listening to our music on a CD doesn't not even come close to comparing to the experience one has at a Think show.


We've recorded a couple of low budget albums that were just sold local to Richmond. The first was called "Gorilla Toes", which was recorded in 2003 at Speed of Sound Studios. And we just finished another one that was for this guy's movie in LA, called "Yeah, Sure, Okay". We have had radio airplay a couple times before, but it isn't consistent.

Set List

Our typical set doesn't usually consist of as many songs as most bands because we'll average about 9 minutes per song. So if we have a 2-hour slot we would typically play around 8 originals and 2 or 3 covers. Covers we've played are: "Chank" (Scofield and MMW), "Papa Don't Take No Mess" and "Sex Machine" (James Brown), "Superstition" (Stevie Wonder), "Pusherman" (Curtis Mayfield), "Big Boss Man" and "Mr. Charlie" (The Dead) and the Blues Brothers Theme a couple times too (haha). When we play at home we'll usually have three hour or four hour time slots. So we take a break and play about 8 or 9 songs per set.