experimental electro, in which sounds waves clash , they fuse forming tholos. dear sxsw entry judge, i was unable to sucsessfuly upload my songs on this site and today is the last day to submit entries, can you please listen to my material via myspace? thanks


well basically i have been a huge music fan all my life, and last summer i went on a cross country tree week road trip to canada and california, on this trip we went to every major record store in every major city in the northwest. it was during this time i realized it was time to stop just listening to music, and from there i just dove in and started recording. after the death of my grandfather whom i was very close, i just started using my enery to create.


i am in the process of releasing an ep. the my five major songs are streaming on myspace.

Set List

particles in space, oasis, cognitive dissonance, levitation station, trancendental void. we also do alot of improve. we can play amywhere from 15 mins to an hour.