I might be fooling my self but I am just now after 20yrs or so putting some songs out there. I am a country writer but I also have a few other songs that just might give people a different outlook on life


Hello out there in this big world of music!
My name is tom and I am real new at this so please don't kill me yet! thanks.
I've spent many years in prison and during my vacation I wrote (one), song in particular That
I know, will reach out to millions of people of all color. And believe me,you want to be the promoter
because it is grammy matterial! I have only submitted this one song because one, I am low on funds and two, I want to find out if I'm just an old man who is lying to him self. Check it out, the name
of the song is LIFE. I can also sing this song, in prison I had every eye filled with tears. Standing ovations,were common. And these are hard core duds that broke down! Color didn't matter and thats the truth. Look fellas, I just need one chance to show you. So please give me a call. any time. 323) 6773401. or you can Email me. Thank you from the heart! Tom.



Written By: thomas simonian

My yesterday, oh my yesterday yah

My yesterdas behind me and my tomorrows dead and gone. I'm livin life so easy, yet I'm living my life alone. All my faults and failures they have come to haunt me now,
you see the story that I sing to you is from within,my prison cell.
When I was young thought I was bold I lived for crime out there. But little did I know back then that I'd lose my freedome here. Dangers every where for me theirs a different point of view
but mostly what I think about is comin home to you. Every day I seek to find just a little peace of mind, a little bit of God an prayer always helps to ease my mind
But if theres one thing that I'm certain of is It's I'll never be set free, released from ,this here prison comin home to you again.


And so I'm sorry for the things I said,and the things I've done,
please forgive me for the hurt I've caused I wish they could be undone
some people all look down on me and will always say, the people that you hurt back then
they are hurting you to day

Two people died today within these prison walls. one of them was shot strait dead as I turned and watched him fall, red, yellow, black, white and brown we were fighting all around,and when I turned to the man next to me he said we better get right down.

Repeat Chorus fallowed by:

Now the moral of my story,is within my prison cell,the people that we hurt back then,they are hurting us right now, but if there's one thing that I'm certain of is I'll one day be set free
released from this here prison comin home,to you again.

Lord I'm comin ho,oo,oom, to you again, Lord I'm comin home,
Lord I'm comin hooom...