Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson


Thomas Anderson is a genuine original. His music comes from the heart and it goes to the heart. Thomas Anderson is a singer and guitar player with great taste and confidence. His music has won awards and touched multitudes of people through television. But he truly shines live, with a band or solo.


Thomas is essentially a die hard singer songwriter. He produces his own records and has played in venues as diverse as dive bars and Lincoln Center. Thomas has performed at weddings and music festivals, and his music has been featured on too many TV shows to mention. His personality is down to earth and he is very relaxed and easy to work with.


Is This Love

Written By: Thomas Anderson

I've been thinking real hard

Yeah thinking about you

Lately, when I'm all alone

It's just about the only thing I do

And when I close my eyes in a dream, you are who I see.

And when I wake up in the morning I wonder, do you dream of me

Is this love... is this love... baby is this... is this love

When I'm holding your hand

You know it makes me feel good

Jut to walk along with you

Down the streets of my neighborhood

Cause when you're with me baby, this cruel world seems so kind

And every time I see you one question... one question comes to mind

Is this love... is this love... baby is this... is this love

Just take a look at me, and tell me darling what do you see

If it ain't love, What could it be

Just hold me close to you and let's dance real slow like lovers do

As we wonder, could this be true... could it be true

We're so up in the air

Just dancing on dreams

Well it makes me wonder what is really there

All I know is the way it seems

Is this just wishful thinking baby, are you just playing a game

Cause now I'm feeling something please tell me

Baby do you feel the same

Is this love... is this love... baby is this... is this love


Thomas Anderson's latest CD is A Beautiful Trip, Now available at CDBaby.

Set List

In general Thomas plays all original music, however if special requests are made in advance, Thomas will make exceptions. He has played a wide variety of music, from jazz to rock to folk and funk.