Thomas is a rising local band in the Washington DC area. We are a christian rock band. Our sound is distinct and also can be diverse. We have played at various venues including; jaxx night club, and we sold out jamin java. please check out our web site


The members of Thomas are each influenced individually by different types of music and they bring their own sounds to the table to create a unique style of music. The sound and style that Thomas plays can be related to the popular bands; Switchfoot, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sanctus Real, Dave Matthews Band, The Killers, U2, Yellowcard, Anberlin, Oar, and coldplay. But if listened to closely one can hear each member using their own style to create the sound of Thomas.


Thomas has written many songs. Alot have been put away for a rainy day. We have perfected a set of songs and are going to release an ep soon. These songs are popular with our local fan base. With one of them (not the same) being placed on a christian rock mix.

Set List

We play originals and covers depending on the venue. here is our typical set
-originals that we still play
Not the same
Cry of Desperation
Now or Never
Not Alone
Surrender (or new song)
Every Hope

Dare you to move - switch foot
someone like you - safety suit
Shadow the day - linkin park