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thomas barnard

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upbeat, intuitive, and fresh. I try to evoke emotional respose and connection to create an attachment to the song.


It's not what seperates me but what makes me similar. I have studied what I consider to be great songs and hits and tried to find a formula or what they all have in common and incorporate that.I dislike songs that have no meaning, especially if they become hits.


the wrong cards

Written By: thomas barnard

The Wrong Cards

I remember the first night and I remember the first kiss
It felt so diferent, It was one I knew I'd miss
When I think of the past, I remember all of my flaws
So many good times have passed, I've made so many bad calls

When Im bettin on your heart
Maybe sometimes I go too far
Maybe sometimes I try too hard
Maybe sometimes I play the wrong cards

The stakes are high but I never fold
My expressions are never told
You called my bluff , i'm not so tough
I never thought I'd lose your love


Please sit down and stay for just one more play
Because I can't let you go, I can't let you walk away
You're my good luck charm, my wild duece
You're my ace of spades and without you I lose


She couldn't have found better timin'
To turn a corrupt mind clean
I'm giving up the clubs for this diamond
Because she's worth more than a queen


I have never exposed any of my lyrics or music until recently at NSAI. I have not released anything yet because I dont have music for the majority of my lyrics. I have copywritten a collection though.

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