Thomas Becker

Thomas Becker

 Milano, Lombardy, ITA
BandEDMNew Age

Multifaceted creator/performer in many genres and the fusion in between, making heavy use of electronic devices. Active since year 1991.


Thomas was born in 1976 in Italy, and loved music and computers already as a small child. When about 8 years old, he was programming his own computer games. For this reasons it was natural that at some point (when 15 years old in 1991) he began making music with computers. Before internet got wide-spread, there was another (kind of underground) way to communicate with computers: bulletin board systems. Thomas distributed his works this way, and got in contact with the so-called demo scene. He thus joined groups of creative people, and with them made kind of multimedia creations (so-called demos and intros), some of which won competitions, or got close to it.
The chance to get more known came with the internet. Since Thomas entered the internet world, in 1999, his music started to be downloaded much more than before.
In year 1998, Thomas unfortunately got injured at the spinal cord, and still now uses a wheel-chair. This has not hindered his musical activity; in fact he got active more than before. Between 1991 and 1998, Thomas composed about 40 tunes; between 1999 and 2005, the number of compositions has raised to over 100. And meanwhile he also took music lessons (harmony, composition, flute, guitar, keyboard), some of which are still going on.
Apart from composing, Thomas likes improvisation. Instead of learning to play other people's music with the guitar and keyboard, he prefers to become skillful at improvising his own music.
Thomas isn't bound to a sinlge genre, but likes to experiment. Some of his greatest influences have probably been: Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Enya, Alan Parsons Project, Decoryah, Astral Projection, Kit Watkins, Em:t label releases, Amiga-scene musicians.
He is currently in search for a record label to publish his works.
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- The tune "Migrating Birds" has been included on the CD of the february 2008 issue of New Age Music & New Sounds italian magazine, together with a three-page interview.
- The tunes "Cerebral Massage" and "Winding Winter Wind" have been included in the soundtrack of the Navigatris videogame by Sheeparcade.
- Some albums have been distributed online by the old
- The tune "Steps" appears in the Passion And Desire compilation by Trax In Space.
- Some tunes have been aired both online (including podcasts) and on traditional radio.
- Some tunes have been used during music-therapy sessions in a centre in Milano, Italy.
- The tune "Evening In The Fields" has been used in a multimedia CD-ROM.
- Some tunes have been used in games on a web site ( dedicated to teach how to use euro money to people from Malta.
- Some tunes have been used in italian television.
- And more (see main web site