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"A Toast to Champagne…"

Beaumont native Thomas Champagne may be best know as the lead vocalist and bass man for a funk rock trio called Audioflava based out of Austin. But, songs all begin somewhere and with chief songwriting duties for the band that means the beginnings all come from Thomas sitting with acoustic guitar in hand. He began his musical career with another funk rock band by the name of 4D2 out of College Station while attending school there. After a couple years on the road he decided to ease on back to his Beaumont roots and back to the roots of music with a band called Folsom Creek that blended bluegrass roots with roots rock. Shortly there after Thomas began paying more attention to his own words and chords and put together the Audioflava project that he now has parlayed into a successful trio roaming Texas from east to the west and all parts in between. They have a live album out now and a full blown studio release out in the spring.
Like most songwriters, he never stops writing and has a stack of songs that just don't quite fit the full funky groove of Audioflava, enter Thomas Champagne the solo project. The solo project has Thomas co-hosting a songwriters night at Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley every Tuesday beginning at 8 pm with fellow songsmith Foscoe Jones. The two rules of the songwriters night are that it has to be your song and it has to be played acoustic, no genre limits beyond that, so it's an eclectic mix that's always fun. You "the songwriter" can even sign up online and get preferred placement above the walk in sign ups by letting them know you're coming ahead of time. The email address is champagnejonessignup@ for those interested.
I might add that the publisher of this fine magazine Jim Haile is present most Tuesday nights to check out the new talent so it may be a good shot at getting heard by someone cultivating the live music scene. This weekly event also provides a situation that allows Thomas to pick guests for his weekly song swaps on Sunday afternoons at the Blanco Rose, in where else, Blanco. This is an invitation only performance called Champagne With Friends that kicks off at 1 pm every Sunday. There are a variety of guests from all musical genres mixing things up with Thomas in this great cafe. They offer champagne drink specials as well as some of the greatest grub around, so pay them a visit when your out for your Sunday drive.
At either event you'll be pleasantly surprised at how infectious the songs are, it's a fresh funky take on songwriting that you just can't help tapping your foot to with a grin on your face, especially when you see that Thomas has a strong aversion to having shoes on while playing, even carries his own rug. With a barefoot guy with the name Champagne playing, it just has to be good right? Visit Thomas at for his band and solo schedule.
- Stars of Texas

"Funky acoustic duo to play Coal Creek"

An Austin, Texas-based music duo is coming to Laramie Thursday, playing their signature brand of funky acoustic reggae and jam-band tunes.
Champagne Anderson, the stage name for Thomas Champagne and Danny Anderson, will play at 8 p.m. Thursday at Coal Creek Coffee, 110 E. Grand Ave.
The two are part of a music trio, Audioflava, but both Anderson and Champagne also play in other acts under different names. Audioflava is known for its fully electrified, heavy funk-driven music, but Champagne Anderson promises a more intimate, “around the campfire” atmosphere.
But there will be no Kum Ba Yah singing at Coal Creek, as the two said they keep the same energy in their duo sets as in their full band shows. The Coal Creek Chamagne Anderson sonic experience will include original, catchy acoustic reggae and funk, some band staples and even “off the wall” tunes, the two said.
Champagne and Anderson add their music influences include Soul Coughing, MMW, John Scofield, G-Love and “lots of 70s filthy funk.”
This is the second time Champagne Anderson has played in Laramie, and the two say they look forward to bringing music “to more great people” in Laramie.
“The first time (in Laramie) we really didn't know what to expect, but we were confident from the response that we received from previous shows throughout the Southwest,” Champagne said. “This time around, we are far more experienced translating the full band show that we are accustomed to into the acoustic duo act we've been touring with.”
Champagne is a Beaumont, Texas native now residing in Austin. He cut his musical teeth touring with such bands as the funk/rock group 4D2 and Folsom Creek a rock/bluegrass mix, his Web site said.
He then formed his own band, Solo Project, an acoustic jazz/funk/pop entity that later evolved into Audioflava.
Anderson is a guitarist, bassist, vocalist, instructor, web designer and producer from southeast Texas. Inspired by musical styles from country and Motown, to rock and metal, Danny began playing the guitar at 12, his Web site said.
He began performing in Texas and Louisiana at 16, and in 1999 attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Champagne Anderson recently finished a self-titled CD, available at the show and eventually online. A full band CD is also expected to be released in the spring of 2007.
“We feel like the studio is a place of creative freedom, where you sculpt exactly what you want, whereas the live setting is the time to bring those creations to life,” the two said.
The duo said they plan to join with two other musicians for a show in Laramie in March.
For more information, visit or

- University of Wyoming Press


Champagne Anderson - Acoustic Duo Full length 2006
Audioflava- Live At Ruta Maya EP 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Thomas Champagne is a Beaumont, Tx. native now residing in Austin, TX.. He cut his musical teeth touring with such bands as the funk/rock group 4D2 and Folsom Creek a rock/bluegrass mix. He then formed his own band, Solo Project, an acoustic jazz/funk/pop entity that later evolved into the electric entity that he now fronts known as Audioflava. In exploring his musical boundries he also plays solo acoustic shows and has also formed a seperate but equally powerful acoustic entity known as Champagne With Friends. With both acts he and his players have a strong base trio that can be built upon depending on the show/venue needs with seven plus musicians adding layer upon layer of grooviness in either acoustic or electric formats.