Three independent folk musicians around the coffee table preforming Americana in the round.


John Gerard, Adrienne Fawkes, and Luke MacNeil have bonded together to form a three piece ensemble affectionately known as "Thomas"

Thomas is not a band.

As individual performers each of us bring something unique to whatever table we may sit around.

Thomas is a unique entity. Together we have been writing and performing our own individual songs, songs composed as a trio, and arrangements of popular (and not so popular) songs that we all enjoy.

Thomas is not a band.

We are a group of individuals, although we play songs together (and at the same time), any of us individually, or in any combination are able preform them.

We have recently begun booking around the Massachusetts area. All performances will be listed on each of our individual websites.

Thomas is not a band


Adrienne Fawkes - Fearless
John Gerard - What Lies Between
Luke MacNeil - Here's one for Sanity

Set List

We preform a mixture of our own melodies, popular cover material, and not so popular cover material. Our typical set is 3 hours.