thomas - jerome

thomas - jerome


My music ranges from the traditional sound to the contemporary/urban sounds of today. I sing all music to reach all audiences as we all need Jesus as our Savior in this day of evil and unrest.


I was influenced by Andrae Crouch, Norris Turner, Fred Hammond, Richard Smallwood, Whitney Houston and so many others. I write songs that will help people like myself overcome. My songs reflect where the Lord has brought me from. I try not to be like anyone else although I have been "compared" to Fred Hammond vocally. That's not what I try to do. I try to reach the lost through my songs. I am not trying to reach the young or the old, I try to reach all audiences.


How I Feel

Written By: Thomas J. Gibson & Darryl Graham

Chorus: It's how I feel, Jesus is real, real in my soul, He's made me whole (repeat 1x)

Verse 1: When I'm down,feeling low, don't know which way to go. I start to pray from my heart I say, Lord help me please,set me free. And by His grace, another day for me to do His perfect will

Repeat Chorus 2x

Verse 2; Sometimes at night, I break down and cry wondering why this life has so much strife. He says to me, your trials will be only a test, trust me for the rest. One day you will walk in peace, hold on to me, I'm all you need.

Repeat Chorus 2x

Bridge: Lord I'm grateful to you for bringing me through, it's only you I give my praises to

Repeat Chorus to end

Set List

I cover Kurt Carr, Andrae Crouch, The Winans, Yolanda Adams. I usually perform 2-3 songs per set. I try to get in a cover, either uptempo or a ballad, an original (ballad or uptempo) and a hymn. Alot of young people aren't familiar with hymns and I try to incorporate that into my set as well as some urban and contemporary songs.