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Thomas J Gibson


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Thomas J Gibson, Gospel singer/songwriter from Jackson Hamlet, NC was encouraged by his parents to join his brothers and sisters in the family’s Gospel group and the church choir. Thomas is also an accomplished playwright and actor who has written, produced and starred in “The Church Fight”. Thomas has written several stage plays. Thomas serves as Chairman of the Music Department at St. Paul MB Church under the leadership of Pastor Elgett Floyd. He loves the Lord with all of his heart and is not ashamed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


I Was What I Was

Written By: Thomas J Gibson & Chenier McCray


Solo Intro:
I was what I was for a reason. Just had to deal with it for a season
Had to go thru to share my story, a story where God gets all the glory.

I was what I was for a reason
Had to go thru for a season
Now I share my story
God gets all the glory

Before I was born the Lord called my name
Knew all my guilt, my hurt and my shame
He knew one day my Savior He would be
Set the time for me to be free
In His presence I heard His word
So gently spoken just for me
Fell to my knees my life to Him I gave
Not really knowing He was all I need

Repeat Chorus 1x

In all my mess thru my trials and my tests
Kept His hand on me I’m truly blessed
Where would I be without His Love?
A love that’s truly sent from up above
Out of all this time He took with me
Even though I was shaped in iniquity
Now I’m trusting on Him to lead the way
I desire to never go astray

Repeat Chorus 2 x

God still gets the glory, for He took away all my worry
He said on Him cast all my cares
Your mercy grace and love nothing else compares

Repeat Chorus to end

If It Wasn't For Your Grace

Written By: Thomas J Gibson

© 2011
Background: Your grace x3, if it wasn’t for Your grace (repeat)

Living in sin
With no fear of God
Satan had me chained, he had me bound
But deep inside I knew I couldn’t win
So I fell to my knees, my praying began
Lord help me please, this can not be from you
I need you to cleanse me thru and thru
Make me whole, give me new life
Take away from me this misery and strife

If it wasn’t for Your grace, where would I be?
If it wasn’t for Your mercy, all over me
If it wasn’t for Your grace, I couldn’t go on
If it wasn’t for Your mercy, hell would be my home

I gotta keep it real, tell you how I feel
I thank my God above for sending His only son
I cast it all on Him, my battles are won
Took away the hurt, and He took away the shame
Breathed new life, I’ll never be the same
I’m committed to Him, best choice I ever made
His love, His mercy and His grace
I’m gonna run on, I’m gonna finish this race

Chorus: 1x

Vamp: Your grace x3, if it wasn’t for Your grace 2x

Chorus to end

Look Where He's Brought Me From

Written By: Thomas J Gibson

© 2011

Verse: When I was lost out in the world
With no peace within myself
Doing everything that I thought I could do
My mind was set on worldly things
Not recognizing Jesus the king
Yet and still He kept His hands on me
Knowing soon, I’d fall to my knees
Calling on the name above all names
And my life would never be the same

Chorus: Look where He’s brought me from
Lifted me, with strength to run
To run on in this Christian race
And I am covered by His grace

Verse: He saved my soul from a burning hell
Now my story I must tell
If He did it for a wretch like me
He’ll do it for you if you’d only believe
Satan tried and tried to take me out
I kept on trusting God, no time for doubt
Thru it all, the mess and shame
He took me higher above all the pain

Chorus: Repeat 1 x

Vamp: He kept me / He kept me
In all my mess / in all mess
Thru all my trials / all my trials
And all my tests
I never knew / the love He had for me
I’m so glad He died on Calvary
For a sinner, /a sinner just like me
Gave His life / so I can be free
He overcame, / loosed the chains
I have the victory, I’ll always praise His name

Chorus: Repeat 1x; Solo 1x

Can't Nobody

Written By: Thomas J Gibson

© 2011
Can’t nobody do me like Jesus
Can’t nobody do me like the Lord
Repeat 2x

Who can deliver from the hands of the enemy? (nobody)
Who can heal your body? (nobody)
Who can place your feet on solid ground? (can’t nobody)
Turn your world upside down? (can’t nobody)
Who else can save your sin sick soul? (nobody)
Who can make you whole? (can’t nobody)
Nobody but Jesus from Galilee (nobody)
Sent to set mankind free (nobody)

Repeat Chorus 2x

Tell me who gave the blind man his sight? (nobody)
Who gave Lazarus back his life? (nobody)
Who makes a way out of no way? (can’t nobody)
Who can show you a brighter day? (can’t nobody)
Nobody but Jesus. God’s only son. (nobody)
Thru him are all your battles won. (can’t nobody)
Food, shelter, clothes on your back (nobody)
With His riches in glory, you’ll never lack (nobody)

Repeat Chorus 2x

Old Skool Vamp:
Can’t nobody do me like Jesus.
Can’t nobody do me like the Lord.
Can’t nobody do me like the Lord.
He’s my friend

Repeat Chorus 3x to end



• 1995 Amateur Night at The Apollo
• 1999 Signed with Unity Records
• 2000 Opening Act for Kim Person
• 2005 Gospel F.O.C.U.S Competition
• 2006 Gospel Dream Talent Search
• 2008 Signed with Sivad Entertainment
• 2009 Wrote, Produced, Starred in and Directed “The Church Fight”
• 2011 Recorded and Released “My Journey”
• 2013 iAMradio Empowerment Breakfast
• 2013 Wrote, Produced and Directed the stage play “Sisterhood”