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"Thomas Lane packs the BBC"

A strong focus on songwriting can sometimes get set aside for sex appeal and flashy moves. But Thomas Lane, one of Milwaukee’s up-and-coming pop/rock bands, reminds us that solid tunes and inspiring lyrics can indeed offer a powerful show.

The acoustic-centered quintet played Friday night at the BBC to a packed crowd, leaving others stranded in line outside (lawfully abiding fire code regulations, of course).

Despite some initial sound problems, Thomas Lane did not disappoint their full house. With a sound inspired by and similar to that of Counting Crows and Guster, this is a group that loves to get up there and make sure a good time is had by all.

Their fast songs are easy to latch on and sing along with, whether it’s your first or 31st time seeing them live. Thomas Lane has two very capable lead singers (Derek Wrobel and David Burleton), who added their own personal texture as they alternated songs. The inclusion of piano gives Thomas Lane a more laid-back, college band sound.

“Three Days Away,” one of their faster tunes (driven by Mike Moss and Frank Babeck in the rhythm section), was also one of the more memorable ones. Played towards the beginning of their set, it was a noticeable crowd-pleaser, and showcased all performers quite well. “All But You,” was an inspiring slower piece that would melt any girl’s heart. “For Days,” played in the second half of the set, was demonstration of great all-around songwriting. Starting off with a slow, soundtrack-worthy acoustic line, and transitioning into a harder-edged, full-blast visual and audio display, the emotion conveyed in lyrics and sound was at full-steam.

Overall this was a great show to see; the band members clearly love what they do, which makes the concert-going experience all the more enjoyable for audiences.

Thomas Lane performs next in Milwaukee on Sept. 23 at the Miramar Theatre.
—Ally Berndt - Shepherd Express

"Cascio Interstate Music sponsors Thomas Lane"

At Cascio Interstate Music it's unusual for us to tie our name directly to a band. With Thomas Lane, we've made an exception. Their artistic vision, undeniable talent, dedication and personality won us over immediately and we're proud to be associated with them. - Cascio Interstate Music


Thomas Lane is an associate member of The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) and active members of the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI). Thomas Lane is proud to be nominated for 4 Awards in the upcoming WAMI Annual Award Show (New Artist of the Year, Pop Artist of the Year, Bassist of the Year, Drummer of the Year). - Thomas Lane

"'Something to Hold Onto' Album Review"

It’s hard to find any information on this band, like why are they called Thomas Lane when it’s not the name of a guy in the band—is it a street? I suppose it doesn’t really matter. It’s the music that counts—and the music is very good.

The songs here are melodic, hook-heavy, with catchy lyrics and lush harmonies, all the right ingredients for a good pop-rock recording. The first song, “Casual Indifference,” starts starkly, and then bursts into a full band song, grabbing your attention and holding it. The band slows it down just a bit with the heartfelt balladry in “Boston Song,” “All But You,” and “For Days.” The high-energy musical barrage continues with “Stepaway,” “Girl Next Door,” and “Sky to Blue.”

This CD is a terrific addition to any pop-rock collection.


"CD REVIEW: Something to Hold Onto"

The ’90s were a flashy time for music: Grunge superstars created an arty alternative for hard-rockers, eclectic pioneers such as Beck created modern music collages, and below-the-radar indie-rockers honed hip, cutting-edge sounds in preparation for the millennium. Amid all these heavily hyped, new music styles, a movement of bands like the Counting Crows and the Wallflowers eschewed the latest trends and dedicated themselves to recording songs in the spirit of traditional American rock and pop.
Milwaukee’s Thomas Lane follows in the footsteps of those gimmick-free groups, as well as bands like Guster and Matchbox 20, pop-rockers whose conventional sound secured an ample audience even after the bottom fell out from alternative rock. Their debut album is heavy on big, euphoric hooks and sincere, sentimental lyrics, but free of any counter-culture pretenses or overtly contemporary influences. All their songs could have been recorded any time over the past 15 years, and many of them are so breezy and immediately infectious they’d fit right in on commercial radio. It’s no wonder the Wisconsin Area Music Awards crowned Thomas Lane Best New Artist recently: You’d never guess such a slick, expertly crafted album was recorded by a band that formed just a year ago.
-Evan Rytlewski - Milwaukee Shepherd-Express


"Something to Hold Onto" LP - released in March 2006

'Three Days Away', 'Casual Indifference', and 'Veneer' - played on FM 102.1 Milwaukee's "The Scene"


Feeling a bit camera shy


A good song is one that tells a story. A great band is one that seems to tell yours. From a dark and dusty basement in the Midwest, Thomas Lane has spent the last year crafting a soaring, anthemic sound that rings with immediacy and resonates with intimacy long after the music has faded. This pop-rock quartet comprised of Derek Wrobel, David Burleton, Ben Estes, and Frank Babeck burst onto the scene with the independent release of their first album, 'Something to Hold Onto', a self-booked national college & club tour, and the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) award for 'Best New Artist' in 2006.

The Milwaukee, WI based four-piece draws its musical influences from a vast array of artists and genres. Thomas Lane's sound has drawn comparisons to the melodic honesty of Counting Crows, the bittersweet poignancy of Ben Folds, and the chiming grandeur of U2 and Coldplay. When asked about the driving force behind the band's songs, Derek Wrobel replied, "We try to capture moments in time, feelings that we've had, and convey those emotions through our music in a way that is honest and sincere. We think that people connect with that, both on the album and during our live shows."

Fans and critics agree, Thomas Lane's charm lies in its earnest, heartfelt sincerity. Milwaukee's Shepherd Express recently stated, "Their debut album is heavy on big, euphoric hooks and sincere, sentimental lyrics... many of [their songs] are so breezy and immediately infectious they'd fit right in on commercial radio. You'd never guess such a slick, expertly crafted album was recorded by a band that formed just a year ago."