Thomas Lunch

Thomas Lunch


Orginal sounding electronic rock with hints of the past, high energy music and beats in sync, as well as balance.


Thomas Lunch - Bio

A fresh departure from the genre specific, mass marketed, cookie cutter commercialism typical of many bands today, Thomas Lunch covers a diverse landscape with a unique blend of experimental, soulful, electronic rock. Thomas Lunch is a dynamic entertainer, singer and songwriter who pours his soul into his art. His music is thoughtful, rich in irony and full of real life messages that will often leave you feeling disturbed, comforted, puzzled but yet connected.

It is easy to see the personality of the artist in his music and Thomas Lunch plays every show like it is his last. Skinny, sweaty, and unbridled, his live shows are not just about the music, but an artistic experience which reaches out and affects his audience.

Thomas Lunch lives every minute of his life under the spirit of rock-n-roll and he has left his mark on many towns stretching across America. His persona ranges from being the contemplative outsider to being the belligerent life of the party. Anyone who has had the privilege of meeting or knowing Thomas Lunch soon discovers the power and eccentricity of his art and music.

Thomas signed a record deal with San Diego based label Hi Fi Alliance back in January of '06 and recently completed his full length Album "Diagrams Without Instructions". Thomas recorded the majority of this record at Pork Chop Studios with bass player and engineer Dave Whiteford aka Theron Day but also had the pleasure of working with Portland's legendary producer "Tony Lash" on his hit singles "Firepuppy" & "You Are My Drug". Tony Lash is has been a major influence to many of today's top Producers and Engineers but is most recognized for his work with Elliott Smith. With this Album under his belt Thomas Lunch is now ready to unleash his material to the public.

Thomas Lunch embarks on a new phase of his musical journey bringing his electro-punk-hallucino flavors to the World. A veteran musician and performer who exploded onto the national scene with previous projects, now looks to fulfill the destiny of his musical vision. A dizzying blend of originality and energy, the new record will take the listener from hopeless futility to hopeful exuberance. "Very Elbow" displays this range of emotion offering a sense of humor mixed with darkness and heavier overtones while his singles "Firepuppy" and "You are my Drug" show that Thomas Lunch has a sense for popular appeal, yet somehow he finds a way to make the sound uniquely his own. Punk, pop, country, electronica, dramatic rock and soul are all blended into this record and the Music World will soon know the name Thomas Lunch.


You Are My Drug

Written By: Thomas Lunch

You Are My Drug-

I watch the scene
and it's not real
I need to watch
I need to feel

You make me want
You make me need
I need to not
I need to feed

My magnet bleeds
It makes me wild
You make me feel
Like I'm a child

I watch the scene
and it's not real
I need to watch
I need to feel

And I've got the jones, and baby you are my drug(x2)

You are a scope
so make a scene
just wrestling
with ancient dreams

Hey, I see you
you over there
You see the world
And you don't care

And I've got the jones, and baby you are my drug(x2)

Leonard Nimoy

Written By: Thomas Lunch

Leonard Nimoy-

I walked outside today
I see the sides
they go both ways

You look at spectrum shift
Just taste that shift
And catch your lift, man

It's hard to live in skin
Wonder which one we are in, yeah
I love your wicked ways
I'll fuck you ten times, girl, today

Oh Hey
Take me
twenty-four hours tick- tock tick-tock tick-hey(x2)

Second verse, same as the first

Greta Garbo

Written By: Thomas Lunch

Greta Garbo-

It's all dreams
inside a dream
Everything says
Nothings as it seems, Oh no

Blessed curse
of tapping in
Find the spirals
Constant need to spin

You Are Not Alone
You Are Not Alone

I've been up so high
And down so low
Learned too, much to say I know, you know?

You Are Not Alone
You Are Not Alone
We Are All Alone
You Are Not Alone

I feel the thick of thin things
I see the thin of thick

You Are Not Alone
You Are Not Alone
We Are ALL Alone
You Are Not Alone


Single "Firepuppy" just released on Itunes in Oct/06
First album "Diagrams Without Instructions" will be released Jan/24/07...Firepuppy has been radio airplay.

Set List

Song list for Thomas Lunch
“Diagrams Without Instructions” release date; January 24/07

1. Firepuppy- just released on Itunes Oct 17/06
2. You Are My Drug
3. Leonard Nimoy
4. Tater Tots & Robots
5. Full Moon Fingerhorn
6. Very Elbow
7. Greta Garbo
8. Oh My!
9. Mr. Man
10. I Love You When You Throw A Fit
11. Hybrid Seed Corn
12. Centipede Centerpiece
13. Measuring Tape
14. Beginnings