Thomas Medicine

Thomas Medicine


Thomas Medicine is a 5 piece rock band from Louisville, Ky. They've all come from different bands in the Louisville area and have nearly a decade of stage experience. They put on a fun show but the music will make you count and the lyrics will make you think. Not for the faint at ear.


At the core of Thomas Medicine are the Quinney brothers who've been making music together since they were born. While they are the primary writers, each member brings their own influences and flavor to the music. Influenced by such a wide variety of music (Stevie Wonder, Jawbox, Fugazi, Look What I Did, Shudder to Think, Deangelo, Imogen Heap, and many more) and with no regard for fitting a genre classification, the result is pure, raw and absolutely unique. I guarantee if you listen to the album twice, you'll find something you can't stop listening to! Their mission is to bring individuality back to mainstream rock and hopefully that will lead to individuality in the minds and lives of these miserable clones we're forced to call peers. In short, SAVE THE WORLD.


Thomas Medicine released their debut album "Automatic" in March of 2008 and are well on their way to their second release "Schizophrenifesto". This will drop some time in 2009.

Set List

While they try not to do anything typical, sets tend to be around a half an hour to forty five minutes.