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TED THOMAS, Artistic Director
A native New Yorker, Ted Thomas attended the High School for Performing Arts before receiving his B.F.A. from the State University of New York at Purchase. He went on to earn a Masters degree in dance and higher education from New York University. He danced with Ballet Hispanico, Elisa Monte, and the Murray Louis and Nikolais Company prior to joining the Paul Taylor Dance Company in 1996. While choreographing and continuing to perform with Thomas/Ortiz Dance, Mr. Thomas was for two years Artist-in-Residence at Barnard College. He currently teaches dance at the New England Academy of Dance and at New Canaan High School in New Canaan, CT.

FRANCES ORTIZ, Artistic Director
Moving to New York from her native Puerto Rico, Frances Ortiz studied at The New World School of the Arts in Miami FL, prior to earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance at the State University of New York at Purchase. While studying for her Masters degree at New York University, she performed with Kevin Wynn, Tim Martin, and Carl Paris. Ms. Ortiz has taught dance and has been a guest choreographer at Yale University. Frances and her twin sister Ginna Ortiz are co-owners of the New England Academy of Dance in New Canaan, CT. In addition, Frances is Artistic Director of the New England Dance Theater and currently teaches dance at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, CT.

Currently Thomas/Ortiz Dance is working on a choreography commission for Connecticut Ballet.


Melding his urban athleticism with her Latin sensuality, and their combined choreographic and musical sensibilities, Ted Thomas and Frances Ortiz founded Thomas/Ortiz Dance in 2001, introducing a fresh and emotionally engaging new vision to contemporary dance. The company of twelve dancers from culturally diverse backgrounds performs a repertoire which explores a multitude of thought-provoking and socially-relevant themes. For Love or Grace delves into issues surrounding sexuality and religion. Winter Sky exposes the effect of alcoholism on a relationship. Reflections depicts a young woman’s search for self-identity and self-approval. Reviewing a Thomas/Ortiz Dance showcase at the Merce Cunningham Studios in 2004, Christina Giraldi of Show Business weekly wrote: “Ethereal and rejoicing, intriguing, lighthearted, sexually charged, political, thoughtful – these are adjective that only attempt to describe the eclectic collection of pieces performed… Thomas/Ortiz is a young company which displays much talent and promise.”

Thomas/Ortiz Dance made its debut at The Bronx Academy of Art and Dance in 2001. The company has since performed at Joyce SoHo, the Puffin Room, Clune Center for the Arts (CT), DeBaun Center for the Performing Arts (NJ), as well as performances at Bridge for Dance, Dance Space Raw Materials, DanceNow Festival, “The Remember Project” for Dancers Responding to AIDS at St. Marks Church, and Dance for Life in Bryant Park – all in New York. Their last presentation at the Merce Cunningham Studios was singled out as a “critic’s pick” in Show Business Weekly.

Set List

Choreographed by: Thomas/Ortiz Dance
Music: Rachmaninov- Sonata for Cello & Piano in G Minor: Andante and played by: YoYo Ma

Choreographed by:Thomas/Ortiz Dance
Music: Broadway Project, Genard, Chant - Japanese - Kodo - Ibuki - Taiko Drums and Imogen Heap

SCARRED (2007)
Choreographed: Thomas/Ortiz Dance
Music: Antares

NEVAEH (2006)
Choreographed by: Thomas/Ortiz Dance
Music: David Darling and Paul Haslinger
We’ve lost all that is good in us trying desperately to get in. What will it take? There is nowhere to go, for all is here.., but with all our sinful burdens, we simply cannot pass Heaven’s gates. Was the straight and narrow path worth the labor of eternity? Our souls remain lost, there is nowhere to go, for all is here.

Mirebella (2006)
Choreographed by: Thomas/O