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The D.B. Song

Written By: Thomas A Rogers

hey hey Sandy hey charlene tell me the finest girl is still the happiest one on the scene tell me meeting me made her see what she was headed for we all know her smile and charm that southern girl from Marion will make you feel there ain't no harm say she's still shakin' and makin' every man pray he can make her his girl over at ole Fat Harold's, 2001, and HOTO too hey hey Sandy hey Charlene is she still the hottest thing with a cold Miller Lite and her bikini so tight down on the beach with her Kahlua colored hair blowing in the breeze and oh Lord o mercy what a tan tell me ole T.R. wasn't all bad and make her sad tell me ole T.R. make her see what she didn't need but maybe brought her delight for half a night that beauty from Marion county she'll put you in a state she put a bounty on me hey hey Sandy hey Charlene y'all ain't so bad yourself tell me you're still happy and safe driving all the boy's crazy hey hey Sandy hey Charlene she's the one