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Thomas Simon


Thomas Simon is a New York City multi-media artist who has self-released several albums of stimulating soundtrack material that occupies an alternative space via an eerie progressive cross-breeding of goth and grunge. Simon exhibits an excellent sense of building space and rhythm.

Biography ,

composer musician producer filmmaker photographer/DP sound engineer

Thomas filmed the project, "Thomas Simon Walkabout" in New York City, USA and in Vienna, Europe, Dec. '02 - Jan.'03, in Salvador, Brazil, Feb. '03 and in Kathmandu, Nepal and Varanasi, India in April/May '03.
This documentary, about world music and beyond, which lead him through various parts of the world also lead to various meetings of the mind, with the artists, healers, and musicians he came in contact with.
Coming from an extensive background in music, this first time director was journeying with a video camera, dat machine and his guitar, capturing life, art, music and the human spirit.
After returning to New York City, Thomas then worked on producing his music over the percussions & sounds recorded abroad. (
Thomas teamed up with editor Yehuda Brandriss (from Israel) and created a half hour pilot to be presented to the networks as an ongoing series...
(May '04)
In the fall of '03, Thomas was booked to open up a monthly poetry series "Poetry Electric" at La Mama's Galleria (off B'way, NYC), with all ambient experimental improvisations. During two of the three performances he asked cellist David Eggar (The Who, Michael Brecker, Dave Sanborn, Pearl Jam, The Flux Quartet) to join him. The result was captured on Thomas' latest release "Secret Winds Of Sound", ( July '04.
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Originally from Vienna, Austria, Thomas moved to New York City to expand his horizon in his life in art.
He produced and recorded four CD's with the project LOVE ALIEN (with Jill Simon on lead vocals) and released them on the independent label, endorphin records.
The 1999 album "Blue Planet preview" ( received airplay on commercial and college radio world-wide. Thomas took his band LOVE ALIEN on the road, booking them on seven U.S. tours (including shows in Canada) and was booked on three European tours (with an additional show in Tel Aviv, Israel) within a four year period.
2001 saw the release of his first solo EP ("Haze"), a venture into more ambient sounds combined with loops. The cut "nightrun" was used for multi-media performances in europe, that year.
After having placed music into independent feature films "Copy Shop" and "The Revenant"), Thomas was pitching more compositions for movie soundtracks.
Saucon Films commissioned Thomas to create three ambient pieces plus numerous shorter segue-ways for their feature "Black Wine" ( back in September 02. He has also worked as sound tech on numerous film sets.....
The rock opera "THE DAMNED", was running for six weeks in Nov/Dec, 2001, to sold out houses (Kraine Theater, NYC). Thomas composed the music to the dark tale (directed and co-written by 5-time Emmy winner William Electric Black) and was performing live with the cast.
February 02, Thomas took his solo, three piece hard rock ambient band to the west coast , with concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix.
That year, Thomas started to incorporate other art forms into their live show. International graffiti artist David Ellis painted on stage during appearances @ NYC's "Don Hill's". Live art united in Rock 'N' Roll......
September 02, Austrian artist, Peter Fuchs invited Thomas to contribute new music and some of his photography to the multimedia event Space-nick, an open air street fest/picnic. The event was held in Vienna as a tribute to New York City. The track "altered planet" ("sound scape") had been specificly created for it. Space-nick also featured "fall in nyc", a song recorded by Thomas with Jill M. Simon, in October '01 that was also played at various WTC benefits ( part of LOVE ALIEN's "in the waves" cd, 03).
By the end of 2002 "SoundScape" ( was completed. The album is a compilation of ambient dub tracks from "Haze", rock-goth from "Live/Run"(also released that year, and until then unreleased cinematic ambient suspense pieces, featured in the "Black Wine" soundtrack, plus has received airplay internationally...
Continuing as an visual artist, his photography reflects his drive for the ambient, showing mostly moody nature exposures, collected over the years on his world travels. (exhibits in New York City and Vienna, Austria)


Haze, ep 2001
SoundScape, 2002
Live/Run, 2002
WalkAbout, 2003
SecretWindsOfSound, 2004

Set List

order and lenght depends on the gig:
usually 7 to 10 tunes (NYC Club Date)
up to 2 hours for international shows