Slap [unmodified]

Slap [unmodified]


"Sleek and pulsating" -Textura Magazine


Slap [unmodified] is the project of Montreal-born musician Thomas Sinclair, who first came to note on last year's Musical Chairs album as half of Canadian electro-pop duo Black Turtleneck (with Jason Amm aka Solvent).

The debut ep; Auto [repeat], is a factory-like composite of sophisticated synthesizers, untiring rhythms, and razor-sharp edits. A record that pushes buttons and resets electronic dance music to it's default setting.


Musical Chairs (Black Turtleneck) - Album - June 2006 - Normal Welcome Records
Auto-repeat - 7" vinyl + CD EP - August 2007 - Architecture Of Sound

Set List

Miniature Mondays (Black Turtleneck)
Cul-de-sac (Black Turtleneck)
End Titles from "Bladerunner"
Pirate Stripper
Harm Reduction
Effexor Redux

Possible Encore:
Discontinued Parts (Black Turtleneck)