Thomas Tobin

Thomas Tobin


Alterna-rock for the next generation!


Born and raised in New York City Thomas Tobin was raised with music. He first picked up guitar in 7th grade and new it was meant to be. Over the years Thomas has been in a number of bands of various size. After two failed adventures with friend's bands he decided to take matters into his own hands.
Thats where we pick up the story. Thomas finally put the songs in his head on tape and tested them out. Enough positive feedback inspired him to write and record more.
These are the songs that make up Thomas Tobin's 2006 debut cd "If It Bleeds It Leads"
A nice mixture of acoustic guitar, voice, synths, drums and more help make "If It Bleeds It Leads" a favorite for those who hear it.


Egg Drop Soup

Written By: Thomas Tobin

Now that you're pregnant do you think that you're cool
Oh well you're not you just look like a fool
All babies do is spit puke and drool
Enough to fill up You're own swimming pool.
Now you're with child and you're stomache is round
If you look down I bet you can't see the ground
Since you got knocked up you're never around
So sit back lady and listen to these sounds

Go abort your fetus
So you can come and meet us
And we can eat your fetus
In our soup
Go abort your fetus
So you can come and meet us
And we can eat your fetus
In our soup

Please pass the salt for this baby leg
Come on do it don't make me beg
I'll pass you the pepper for the baby's head
Wait a minute buddy
The babies not dead
Just sushi its cries are ignored
Throw it down on the chopping board
With the bones and the skin we can make a dart board
Let me floss with the umbilacle chord.


Written By: Thomas Tobin

Lost in my mind
I don't want to leave
Please let me stay
Grant me reprieve
You yell and you fuss
You seem so parental
Don't join them
In making me mental
I'm hopelessly gone
And I can't be saved
But in this state
I don't feel enslaved
I speak you to through
Creative expressions
I hope that I leave
Some kind of impression
On you.

I can be anyone and
I can be anything
I can have any fight and
I'll always win
I'm not blinding thinking
I'm not superstitious
I've seen whats around and
The world is so vicious
So no broken mirrors and
No worthless chances
I need to be ready
To fight off their advances

I must stay in and
I must stay hidden
You can't come in
Access is forbidden
My secrets stay safe
Locked up in draws
Don't ask me for them
I don't ask you for yours
I need promises and
I need pacts
To survive the future
Overcome the facts
I need a defense so
I sharped my claws
I'm not paranoid
I have just cause
To be this way.


While in rotation on iRadioLA 104.7 FM 'Impressions' made it onto there top 100 songs and ranked in at #46

Set List

No Covers. All originals.
Songs include:

Don't Be Long
Egg Drop Soup

and many more!