Thomas Watkiss

Thomas Watkiss

 New York City, New York, USA

I perform drone ambient music made of field recordings, 6 string bass and minimalist metal guitar.


“pieces of expansive, frigid death ambient” as described by Dusted Magazine, the work of thomas watkiss fuses the most careful mix of sound art and ambient music. The experience is that of a sonic
meltdown; where notation, structure and harmony dissipate to make way for a new listening environment. His newest release, Phase I : Silence is a twelve track voyage in plains of sonic residue -- and the journey has just begun.

He has written and produced seven portfolio albums since 2005 including the production STIGMATA AND THE HUNTER featuring Mathias Josefson, Per Åhlund, Jon Egan, Magnus Andersson, Amit Sen and Colin Greig. He has co-founded the Swedish ambient trio JÅW and the American THOEL:EME. His solo performances (sometimes booked as “live installations”) are intimate experiences that capture both the untrained listener and the tenured specialist.

ANCESTOR- Silence. Machine. Memory is a three part work that yields minimal synthesis, field recordings and drone rhythms framed by his own photographic illustrations. The first installment Phase I : Silence has recieved international recognition and can be found in independent outlets worldwide. Taking no time off, he began recording for Phase II : Machine from a late Summer 08 residency in Bergen, Norway. 'Machine' achieved top 20 status for "Best Electronic and Rock albums of 2009" while 'Silence' achieved top 40 for the same category by Culture

He is currently planning a series of live shows and studio releases for 2010. Details can be found at


Phase I : Silence (album thread)

Written By: Thomas Watkiss

There are no lyrics on this album, all instrumental like most of my work.


- WHOTE - ALIGN LP (2010)
- ANCESTOR . Phase II : Machine CD (2009)
- LIVE AT LYDGALLERIET, (Bergen, Norway) CD 2009
- WHITE HOUR OF THE END "Hymn" Demo (2009)
- ANCESTOR . Phase I : Silence CD/2xLP (2008)
- ANCESTOR - 7" e.p. (2007)
- Of Victory and Victim CD (2007)
- Stigmata and the Hunter CD (2006)
- Audio V (2006)
- Audio IV(2006)
- Audio III (2005/2006)
- Audio II (2005)
- October Recordings (Audio I) (2005)

Set List

2 'sets' averaging 16 - 35 minutes each plus intermission. Much of the onstage set is improvisation and mixing of recorded material and samples, effects and heavy guitar rhythms. Loud and echoing as well as quiet and somber.