Thomas Wold

Thomas Wold


I'm a guitar playin lanky yankee with pockets full of songs about people thinking twice, screwing up, driving off, remembering, forgetting and trusting their memories...but only so far.


I grew up in Iowa in a family of 8 that sang show tunes, folk and sacred music together while traveling around in a nut brown station wagon. Things are different now, for obvious reasons, although I'm still singing- just my own songs which are more in the vein of Joni Mitchell, Dylan and a bit of M. Ward than anything from The Sound of Music or the Lutheran hymn book. I have recently moved back to the US (California) after 10 years in Australia and have returned to the stage after a hiatus to ensure that at least part of the world hears my songs.


The Folkadelic Two-Step LP at or on iTunes under Thomas Wold

Set List

1-1.5 hours all original