Thom Ellis

Thom Ellis

 Franklin, Tennessee, USA

In 2010 Thom has performed as a Solo artists and with small combos more than with his full band this year. Has found it very rewarding musiclly. Listeners benefit from a genuine, rare down to earth personality that keep listeners in a room for hours with no repeats or mundain cover tunes.


I moved to Nashville in 1993. I wanted like others who moved here to be a Country Music Artist. I realized that I didn't fit the Nashville mold. My voice was more blues, rock sounding. I started recording what fit me. Performed downtown Nashville in the Lower Broadway Venues always filling rooms. Mixing covers with my originals. Did a 3 year Saturday night run at the Gibson Cafe until it's closing and came close to a major record deal twice. I kept on recording and selling CD's. These days I've stripped down the sound to a unplugged, vocal heavy mix of music. Still mixing originals with covers, playing to the crowds needs and wants. I perform Solo or with a full band. Fit to the budget or needs of the client. My goals are different than most I suppose. Music is what I do to stay sain and in touch with the world, better yet Starbucks $$$$. I started in Steak houses and Coffee shops in 1980 as a solo singer/songwritter while in High School near Grand Rapids, MI. At 47 years old I've forgotten more songs than I remember, but on certains nights when the dust is comes off of an old tune. Many follow in it's path from my mind to my lips and hands. People remember the first time they heard a song. Tips go into the jar and owners, venues, charities call me back again. Everybody is happy. I show up, sober, on time, and will entertain for hours if you let me.



Thom Ellis "Ups and Downs" CD
Thom Ellis "Every Single Day" CD
Thom Ellis "The Christmas Card"
Thom Ellis Single "The Crying Kind"
Thom Ellis Single "Leaving Look"

Set List

Hasta La Vista
Fall Again
You know Me
Backwater Town
My Friend Hope
Ups and Downs
Mississippi Mud
A slow Goodbye
Someone's in love with you
Lonely town
The Crying Kind
Everytime it Rains