Thom Hell

Thom Hell



God created the world in seven days. Thom Hell spent seven days in the studio to create his second album, "Every Little Piece".
- I wanted to keep the nerve and the atmosphere of the songs, and not drown them in studio effects. The album is recorded live in studio, so the songs will be easy to play at concerts. There´s more of a band feeling to this record, Thom Hell says.

The Norwegian singer-songwriter is a favourite with the critics as well as with the live audience. Influenced by artists like Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Nick Drake and Crowded House, Thom Hell proves himself a master of melancholy and good melodies, with a voice filled with nerve and passion, ranging from the highest to the deepest pitch.

After two EPs, Thom Hell released his long awaited debut album 'I Love You' to excellent reviews.


Tremendous Sinner (EP)
The While You´re Waiting EP
I Love You (album)
Every Little Piece (album)