With influences ranging from Simon & Garfunkel to Astrud Gilberto to The Cardigans, Thompson has created a fresh and flavorful world of atlernative pop. In her debut album "Lonely and in Love", Thompson's lyrics paint a poetic picture of unrequited love sustained with a glimpse of hope.


“Music -- it connects us all. It connects to the deepest places in the mind and heart. Sometimes I hear a song and it brings me to a far off moment in my life, like it was yesterday. In a car with a friend, singing along and feeling free -- in a crowd, everyone in tune. When I am alone it’s an understanding friend with an open ear, with melody as words of wisdom. It comforts. It heals. It transcends generations and cultures. The music we love becomes the sound track of our lives. My music is a self-medicating expression of my life experiences and emotions. That is its purpose in my life. If others can relate, if it causes them to think or just feel, then I am overjoyed.”
Thompson, Nashville, June 2005

An Atlanta native, Thompson dropped on the burgeoning Nashville rock scene just under two years ago. But unusually it did not even take her that long to woo local audiences into submission. Between her striking beauty, her creative-endowment and her haunting voice there was no choice but to listen and to listen to her quietly. The frequent and well-attended live shows have seduced even the most cynical industry-types. It is easy to recognize Thompson as a rarity: her richly written lyrics, her trembling voice and her personal style so distinctly her own.

Thompson picked up her mother’s ‘68 Gibson at 15, and was taught then how to play a d-chord. She took to it quickly and soon found herself making up her own progressions and writing a slew of elementary-sounding songs. For years she just played around the house, singing her heart out and letting the music fall naturally behind. That’s how it has always been with her. No formal lessons, no posturing and absolutely no gimmicky rock songs.

Ten years later her lyrics have matured and her finger-work has improved, but her honesty, intimacy and immediacy are the same. The themes of falling in love, loosing love and the mess of life at twenty-five are set in a fresh and flavorful world of alt-pop. She concedes lyrics have a “melancholic feel”, but she is quick to point out a most important juxtaposition, “the melodies almost always feel open, hopeful and free.”

With influences ranging from Simon & Garfunkel to Astrud Gilberto to Rufus Wainwright III to The Cardigans, Thompson’s voice appeals to a diverse audience; sure to find a niche with the Parthenon of songwriters.


Rock bottom

Written By: Thompson

In the valley of life, you question why
And the shadow of unrest fill the faithless sky
In the valley of life, the raindrops fall
Heavy, they fill the wounds with the strongest salt
It’s unbearable to bear the burn
When it heals the soul, then you will learn

The high life of the hill makes the low lands darker still
Oh, it feels like the rock bottom

In the valley of love, the heart turns grey
Left by a lover, weathered hard as clay
In the valley of love, a seed is sown
And the lonliness soon is cruel and overgrown
Seems to cover everything in sight
But it’s nessisary for the climb

The high love of the hill makes the low lands darker still
Yes, the higher the hill, the lower the valley feels
Oh, it feels like the rock bottom

Mmm ohoh ohoh you’re not alone
It’s what we all go through
Mmm ohoh the rock bottom is home
To me too, to me too, to me too, to me too

Yes, the higher the hill, the lower the valley feels
Oh, it feels like the rock bottom


Written By: Thompson

In the dark, in the heat of summer
You stood there and just stared in wonder
Alone feeling lost and so unknown

A light caught your eye in the distance
You followed with a hope and no defense
Alive from her dance in the sky

You caught her glow, with both your hands
Don’t let her go, she loves you man
She is the only light, inside your lonely night
So brilliantly she shines

The season of life gets colder
And with time it gets harder to hold her
Your grip starts to falter and slip

(Repeat Chorus)

You’re bored, bored with her bright
Torn by the warmth of her fire and your fondness for night
Scared to let her fly free
Where will she shine her love, what if you can’t see
With out your little buzzing bee

(Repeat Chorus)

remember me

Written By: Thompson

Let me show you the way back to my town
Incase in your travels you ever want to come round
I’ll build a fire, and keep it aglow
I’ll listen for your steps through my open window
Your visit here was oh so nice
Yes, I enjoyed your company
You’ll be looking for a familiar face
With all the strangers that you meet
If you feel alone, and you need a home
Remember me

Remember all the nights we lay on my bed
Talking there for hours with your shoulder on my head
Just one last thing to say before we part
I will miss the familiarness of your tender loving heart
It only happens once or twice
That an other can really see
The soul that’s found behind the eyes
Then a lover can truly be
At home, so when you’re gone
Remember me

Don’t, don’t forget
The love we shared
Even if it was just a moment in time

Remember me


Thompson's debut album, "Lonley and in Love", will be self-released in early fall 2005.

Set List

Enough original material to play a 40-45 minute set.