Thompson D'earth

Thompson D'earth


Miles and Coltrane meet The Police...their just released CD WHEN THE SERPENT FLIES is already creating a buzz. "...the Thompson D'earth Band has something many contemporary jazz ensembles sorely lack: a personality." Mike Joyce, the Washington Post May 26 '06


The Thompson D'earth Band is getting raves for its unprecedented combination of exploratory fervor, thoughtful songwriting, and bold instrumentals. The music is full of mystery and surprise. Trumpeter/composer John D'earth and vocalist/songwriter Dawn Thompson have been refining their blend of high-intensity jazz improvisation and hypnotic lyrics over the course of three CDs. Their last CD, Mercury, featured drummer Carter Beauford, symphonic arrangements by D'earth, and a vocal duet between Dawn and Dave Matthews. Their latest, just released, When the Serpent Flies (Cosmology Records,) demonstrates what fans experience as the explosive spontaneity of their live gigs.

John D'earth has toured with Bruce Hornsby, recorded with Miles Davis/Quincy Jones and written music for Dave Matthews, the Kronos String Quartet, and assorted symphony orchestras. The Thompson D'earth Band has brought its unique sound to venues like the Bakersfield Jazz Festival, Chateau Morrissette Music Festival, Starr Hill Music Hall in Charlottesville, VA, Blues Alley in Washinton D.C. and the Flint Michigan Jazz Festival, among many others. It doesn't hurt that Dawn Thompson is a flawless singer with a unique, non-derivative sound who can improvise solos and ensemble parts like a horn or string player; nor that John D'earth is one of the best jazz trumpet players on the scene and a composer of visionary music. (listed in Jazz- The Rough Guide and Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz, Leonard Feather/Ira Gitler) Explore this website for info about their new CD, When the Serpent Flies, their live gigs and their musical journey together.

The Thompson D'earth Band combines imaginative songwriting with the intensity of jazz, the deep grooves of rock, funk, and latin music, and the exploratory abandon of Miles Davis' "lost quintet." The result is jam-based music that is completely unique. Fans from all over have travelled to the band's long standing Thursday Night gig at Miller's in Charlottesville, VA. Many claim that they've never heard anything like it. The Thompson D'earth Band crosses genres with ease, and they have each distinguished themselves as jazz artists through the strength and originality of their playing. Brilliant songs and lively instrumentals provide a space which invites creative musicians into the music... seven musicians creating their music anew in every performance.

"I've known John D'earth for a long time. John is first rate. He's a great spirit, a great friend, and a great of a kind."
Dave Matthews


"When the Serpent Flies"- 2006 (Cosmology)
"Mercury"-2001 (Cosmology)
"Live at Millers"- 1998 (Cosmology)
"Restoration Comedy"- 2000 (Double Time)
"Code Magenta"- 1995 (Espresso)

Set List

Even So- original instrumental
81 -Miles Davis instrumental
Second of Many- original instrumental
Word from the Underground- original w/vocals
Mercury Man- original w/vocals
Smoke & Mirrors- original w/vocals
I Got Rhythm/Freedom Jazz Dance- breaktune w/vocals

Sets usually run 1 hour plus

Non-original tunes usually in the Coltrane/Miles vein with unique spontaneous arrangements