“No one rocks like the mighty Thor. He's been going strong for decades. Let the blood run red, motherfuckers!” - Henry Rollins


Jon Mikl Thor (a.k.a. Thor the Rock Warrior) is an enduring icon of heavy metal and glam rock, and one of the true originators of rock ‘n’ roll theatre. His unique vision, thunderous hard rock sound and incredible showmanship has won over crowds across the globe, garnering him a dedicated following of hardcore fans (the Thor Korr, to you mere mortals). He recorded a slew of classic albums that straddled the ground between glitter rock and aggressive power metal, and became known for onstage feats of strength such as bending a steel bar, having concrete jack-hammered off his chest and blowing up a hot water bottle with his lung power. Looking like a cross between David Lee Roth and Lou Ferrigno, and belting tunes like “Thunder on the Tundra,” “Anger (Is My Middle Name)” and “Let the Blood Run Red,” Thor made quite an impression upon his arrival to the rock scene and continues to do so to this day.

Thor’s unique career kicked off with his testosterone-fueled appearance on the internationally televised Merv Griffin Show in 1976 and he has maintained a steady pace ever since. He has explored the tongue-in-cheek Sweet/Mott the Hoople/Bowie glitter-rock of the ‘70s, hard hitting metal of the ‘80s, and even nu-metal of the ‘90s. Yet on his latest effort, Thor Against the World, the mighty one delivers the album fans have been waiting for.

Teaming up with Los Angeles producers Messiaz (a.k.a. Frank Meyer and Bruce Duff) and a slew of punk and metal all-stars, Thor has made an album that harkened back to his glitter days, yet harnesses all the power and glory of his heavy metal era. Thor Against the World finds the iron giant backed by a who’s-who of underground favorites, including Frank Meyer (The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Sweet Justice), Bruce Duff (ADZ, Sweet Justice), Chris Markwood (Sweet Justice, ex-Bellrays, ex-Blare Bitch Project), Vince Meghrouni (ex-Mike Watt, ex-Bellrays) and Brian Kehew (Air, Mother Superior, Moog Cookbook) for an album filled with catchy songs, hook-laden choruses and kick-ass riffs.

I won’t grow old
I’ll never settle
I’m still gonna play my Heavy Metal
It’s Thor against the world
- “Thor Against the World”

Jon Mikl Thor first made waves in the bodybuilding world in Vancouver during the 1970’s soon becoming Mr. Canada and Mr. USA, while using heavy music as an intensive training tool. Blending a powerful physique with powerful rock and, inspired by comic book heroes and love of Norse mythology, he created the character Thor the Rock Warrior, thus beginning a long reign in the hazy area between superstardom and the dark underground. Along the way, Thor invented “gladiator rock,” later popularized by acts he influenced, such as Manowar, Armored Saint and GWAR. Clad in a loincloth, and wielding a sword and hammer, Thor fought epic battles onstage to the sounds of barbaric hard rock, often fighting monsters and evil warlords.

“I grew up on bands like Black Sabbath, KISS and Alice Cooper, who always put on an extravagant stage show,” says Thor. “I wanted to take it one step further and make the show more extreme and the music even heavier.”

His theatrical, over-the-top stage shows gained him notoriety outside of the bodybuilding world he cut his teeth in, and found him gracing the pages of rock magazine like Kerrang!, NME, Sounds, Punk, Hit Parader, Creem and more. Concerts with W.A.S.P., Raven, and Motorhead found him playing to thousands of screaming metalheads during the genre’s heyday.

With the success of albums like Keep the Dogs Away and Only the Strong, it wasn’t long before Hollywood came a-calling and Thor found himself fielding offers for film and TV roles. He soon was in front of the camera alongside talents like Roger Corman, Adam West and Tia Carrere in films like Recruits, Zombie Nightmare and the cult classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare which he scored, starred in, wrote and produced. Working on Zombie Nightmare and Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare teamed Jon up with award winning director John Fasano.

After years of rigorous touring and film-work, Thor decided to take a break and turned his talents toward film producing, working on the indie favorite FUBAR, for which he wrote the title song “Fubar is a Super Rocker.” Soon enough though, the call of rock was too loud to ignore and the mighty warrior suited up to fight the good fight for rock ‘n’ roll. Inspired by a slew of whatever-happened-to articles, Thor began his comeback ascent. He has since released albums such as Triumphant, An-Thor-ology, Dogs II, and the concept album and accompanying graphic novel Beastwoman from the Center of the Earth to critical acclaim ( Classic Rock and Uncut have all covered him in 2004). He starred in upcoming films such as Graveyard and Intercessor, all of which have prepared him for latest and greatest achievement, Thor Against the World.

Equipped with a new multi-media deal with Smog Veil Records that will see the July release of Thor Against the World and a ca


VH1 program to air in August/September 2005, details to follow. Current radio play: "Glimmer" and "Thor Against The World" from the new CD out July 12, 2005. "An-THOR-Logy" DVD out Ju1y 12, 2005.

"Glimmer" also appears in the USA Networks film, 'Murder at the Presidio'

Discography includes numerous worldwide LPs, EPs, and CDs released sing 1976. See the THOR website for full details.

Set List

Set time can be tailored depending on whether gig is headline or support. Set includes classic material plus new songs include:

1. "Thor Against The World," 2. "Creature Feature," 3. "Easy Woman," 4. "Serpent’s Kiss," 5. "Glimmer," 6. "Gonna Have A Hard Time," 7. "Hard To Cry," 8. "Long Time," 9. "Megaton Man," 10. "Turn To Blue" and 11. "The Coming of Thor"