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"StonerRock.com CD Review"

Whatever points I’d take away from Missouri stompers ((Thorlock)) for their extraneous use of parentheses — damn that SunnO))) precedent! — I’d have to give right back for what’s in between them. Think about it, can you come up with a better band name than one combining the Norse god Thor and a warlock? I know I certainly can’t. You’d pretty much have to figure that if there was a thorlock walking around he’d have an awesome beard. So be it.

((Thorlock)) play a kind of Southbound stoner-doomly fuckyouupcore that only Bulletwolf do more drunkenly and Orange Goblin mastered on their last album, Healing through Fire. There’s some Melvins crunch to be had as well, but if their self-titled, self-released full-length is any indicator, ((Thorlock)) have two main modes in which they operate: a straightforward aggressive rock that calls to mind adjectival phrases like “whiskey-fueled” and “balls out” — as heard on “Man Will Lose,” “Triceratops” and elsewhere — and a full-on feedback shitstorm that only appears twice, on “Mississippi Wheelwash” and closer “Beyond Cosmic Dimensions.”

Both songs are upwards of 18 minutes long, and the former devolves into a jam led by the rhythm section of drummer Josh and bassist Luke while Shiv’s guitar emits pulsing waves that test the limits of endurance and decency. “Beyond Cosmic Dimensions,” at a paltry 17:43, features about seven minutes solid of guitar noise. Very doom, very underground, very cool idea, very hard to sit through. These things are often a trade off.

But even these two tracks, monsters though they are, rock. Maybe not in the same base level way as “Extinct” or charming opener “Assneck,” where the goal is to get you headbanging and it’s well met, but in a band where all three members sing, there are bound to be personality shifts. Covers of Kiss’ classic single “Deuce” and the more surprising choice, “Rockin’ in the Free World” by Neil Young, help add a sense of familiarity to ((Thorlock)) that carries the album over well to the listener and makes it so that the original material has even more context. They’re not asking much from their audience, in terms of indulgence, rather offering some good timey boozer doom that’s heavy on the riffs and crash. With beerbecue season quickly approaching, it’s hard to complain about that.

As Luke’s heavy bass tone sets the stage for the Sleep riffage to come on “Beyond Cosmic Dimensions,” without even looking at the track time, you just know you’re in for something massive. One hopes ((Thorlock)) will grow to be able to combine these aspects of their sound and rather than setting the next album up in such strict terms as “three three-minute songs, then a huge one, three more three-minute songs, then a huge one — done” as they have here, but in the meantime, their self-titled is a hefty slab of underground clenched teeth doom that’s worthy of attention and encouragement alike.

Go to, gentlemen, and destroy. - StonerRock.com by H.P. Taskmaster

"E-Metalspace CD Review"

Ok. Lemme get this straight. Thorlock is three dudes in SunO))) cloaks, playing doom-y stoner sludge and Kiss/Neil Young covers? Kooky good! Think of a hyper stoned and more catchy Orange Goblin and you’ll get what Thorlock is all about. This self-titled release is saturated with enough feel good vibes, (or is that THC) distortion and psychedeladroning to keep even the most hard edged Eyehategod/High On Fire fan enthralled. And if you need a sleep aid, try out the eons long Mississippi Wheelwash. This song is a slow burn! It feels like it’s twice the length of the album, yet it doesn’t let your attention slip away. And here’s the kicker, I’m not normally a fan of doom-y covers of other non-doom/sludge songs, but Thorlock’s covers of Kiss’s Deuce and Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World (the latter being a superb rendition, rivaling that of Mr. Young‘s version) do the original versions much justice! The crowned Princes of Sludge are here! And their names are Thorlock! - :) Typhon - E-Metalspace by Typhon

"BannedPromotions.com Live Show Review"

After the opening band cleared the stage and rejoined the crowd, ((THORLOCK)) took the stage and delivered a monster set of original songs and an astounding rendition of "Deuce", by rock legends Kiss. ((THORLOCK)) has a thick, muddy and loud sound that is unrivaled in the local music scene and the band showed again that they could hold their own in any scene, on any level. Promoting their newly released debut CD, ((THORLOCK)) pummeled listeners with heavy riffs, pounding drums, and intense vocalizing. I have seen the band play before, but this event was the first time witnessing them with their new drummer, who brought extra enthusiasm and prowess to the group. The band is tighter than I have heard them before and it looks like the are picking up some speed on their quest to world domination. - BannedPromotions.com by J Sohn


((THORLOCK)) has self released a self-titled CD in 2008, that has received airplay on both terrestrial and internet radio on shows such as Super Rock Sunday on KNAC.COM.



Formed in 2007 by Jesse Schiwitz and Luke Koontz. ((THORLOCK)) continues to prove itself as one of the best heavy bands in the Midwest.
Influenced by groups such as Black Sabbath, Eyehategod, Sleep, High on Fire, etc. ((THORLOCK)) blends the best assets of Stoner, Sludge, Classic Rock, and Metal.
((THORLOCK)) recorded a Self-Titled full length CD in 2008, and recently recorded several unreleased (as of now) tracks with Chris Owens of Lords.