Thorn Blind
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Thorn Blind

Plano, Texas, United States

Plano, Texas, United States
Band Alternative Indie




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Thorn Blind breaks the model of alternative rock to form an acoustic experience meant to break the barriers between the music and the listener. Formed in 2007 by Kilynn Weber, Thorn Blind has evolved its sound from the typical band mold expected of Dallas, Texas musicians into something raw and new, blending world-music drums, cello, and the accordion with deep, emotional storytelling reminiscent of the troubadours of the past. 

Thorn Blinds name reflects this introspection of storytelling. Taken from the fairy tale Rapunzel, when the prince ascended, but, instead of finding his dearest Rapunzel, he found the witch.  His love was gone, and his life was in danger.  The king's son was beside himself with pain, and in his despair he leapt down from the tower. He escaped with his life, but the thorns into which he fell pierced his eyes. Thorn Blind.

In the song Actuala, a new love brings back the pleasant memories of Kilynns grandmother, and how Kilynn sees his grandmothers positive traits in his new relationship. 

In Take Me Home to Glenvil, the song starts off about a young love that fell apart. Instead of that being the end of the story, Take Me Home To Glenvil finds how the love was just too soon and that the passion can be ignited again in the future. A message of hope in lost love.

The aspect of personal sacrifice in Thorn Blinds name shows in Kilynns struggle to make the music what it is now. Struggling against what people expected his band to be, Kilynn found himself with the band fully broken up after 3 years of work. What would have destroyed most bands invigorated Kilynn to self record every instrument for the song Hating the Night. Since he didnt know how to play drums, Kilynn had to record each piece of the drum separately. A task that took a painfully long time.

After successfully emerging from this recording and having Hating the Night be a finalist for the New York Jets commercial season, Kilynn grabbed his acoustic guitar and found inspiration playing music from the troubadours of the past. Thats when it clicked what the band should be. Something raw was needed. Something to connect the music directly with the listener.

In essence, the name indicates the sacrifice of self in order to obtain love, to obtain life. When you listen to the lyrics, the stories are of imperfect love. Mistakes made in the past. Regret. The yearning for youth. 

The music is not all grim. In Rapunzel, the prince finds his love in the wilderness where her tears cure his blindness. Thorn Blind sees the imperfections of the past but keeps a warmness for the present and hope for the future.

Where most modern music uses technology to twist every natural element out of the song, Thorn Blind seeks to remove that barrier from the listener.  Thorn Blind moved from a typical alternative rock band to something more acoustic, layered, and genuine. 

With that passion and vision in place, Kilynn has brought together an unconventional set of musicians to complete the sound. Ted LeCompte brings the dreamy qualities of the music with his organ and accordion. On Cello, Remy Eden adds an otherworldly element not heard in most bands. Frankie Poncho Sarabia adds world music styles of percussion to the sound. And to hold it all together, Paul Dittmans bass playing unites all the rhythm and melodies for powerful impact.

Thorn Blind is not another alternative rock band. Thorn Blind is too complex to be folk or americana. Thorn Blind is something new, combining the best of both.

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