If John lennon and Paul McCartney wrote for Greenday, and then asked Freddie Mercury and Rev Horton Heat to produce the live show, you might have Thornbird!


Thornbird is a fulltime touring 3 piece rock band from Los Angelos, self managed, booked, and operated, perform an average of 150 dates per year, have played nearly every state in the us,. and sold over 10,000 cds, all with out a label!


Denim cd: 14 songs
Dogma i cd: 12 songs
Less complicated cd: 11 songs
Cd Rom "best of" with 5 videos
thornbird 5 songs

Set List

Original songs are often compared to The Beatles,
Third eye blind, Matchbox 20, Death Cab for Cutie.

Covers range from Prince and Brittany Spears to ACDC and Aerosmith with rock remakes of 80's hip hop dance tunes ala Wild thing, Baby Got Back and Bust a move.