San Antonio, Texas, USA

We are all about creating music that has meaning and weight to it. It is never for the sake of just making music, it is about expressing ourselves the best way we know how, by playing metal as best as we can and giving it 100% every time, any time.


Thornhead started out as a joint vision between brothers Joey and Gabriel to play metal. We play music because our lives are music it is the way we make sense and deal with the world. We write about what we've been through, you're only as smart as what you have experience. You can count on us never writing songs just because we want to be cool, we write because that is who we are and that is what we do.


No Music No Crime (EP)

Set List

Atlantis, Hell bound, Oblivion, Black, Headbangers' Ball, No Music No Crime, and False. We do sets that range from 20/30 minutes to a full hour depending on the venue.