Thornton Bowman

Thornton Bowman

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist Thornton Bowman’s lyrics and wistful Southern voice have been described as “oozing out of the cracks between Neil Young, John Hiatt, Wilco, and John Prine.”


Thornton Bowman grew up in Virginia near the Tennessee border. He was raised on bad country gospel, folk artists like the Limelighters and Clancy Brothers, and bluegrass. After far too many years of innocence, he finally made it to puberty and quickly discovered both girls and the Grateful Dead. This ended his dream of becoming a preacher.

In the cab of a red Nissan pick up truck, Thornton travelled across the US with a frightening woman and eventually settled in Seattle. After releasing his solo work "In the Kitchen of the Blacksmith", he started a band called ThorNton Creek.

His music is eclectic and hard to pin down. Most often it is described as reminiscent of Neil Young’s older work. Victory Review in their October 2006 issue said this of the songs in ThorNton Creek’s recent release Whiskey:
“….While playful at times to fit the instrumental mood of the song, there is nothing ordinary about these lyrics….capturing in an original way the feel of the aloneness that comes not from solitude but from choices made and loves lost….that reveals a wry mind and a well-traveled soul….”



Written By: Thornton Bowman

She keeps the TV up loud so she can hear all the words
Answers their scripts just like they was speaking to her
And her daughter comes by on Sunday, waters plants and talks about rain
God knows they love one another but some patterns are too hard to change
Too hard to change

She used to dance amid her flowers, she used to wear them in her hair
Still sings them in her poetry but sometimes she doesn’t care
And her daughter takes her shopping, to the beach and to the wood
Hopes her actions speak louder than the patterns in her words
In her words

Lay me down in the roses
Put a cool glass in my hand
Drink all this poison from me
Then send me home again
I’m alone, so alone
It’s just me

She used to hold her head fuller; she used to spit into the wind
Still wishes her daughter’d say something to make her whole again
And her daughter comes by on Sundays, waters plants and talks about rain
She’ll come back here next Sunday and do it all again
All again.

She Ain't No Bee

Written By: Thornton Bowman

You know she calls me “honey”
But, man, she ain’t no bee
You know she calls me “honey”
But, man, she ain’t no bee
She keeps flying all around
But she never lands on me.

They say that the fruit
Don’t fall far from the tree
They say that the fruit
Don’t fall far from the tree
Well, I wish that fruit
Would sometimes fall on me.

I’d give you all my money
But I ain’t got no dough
I’d give you all my money
But I ain’t got no dough
My ship’s coming in
It just comes in way too slow.

I’d give you anything
Just to be your man
I’d give you anything
Just to be your man
I keep jumping out of your fire
But I land in your frying pan

Dust Into Bone

Written By: Thornton Bowman

He puts his hand upon my shoulder and looks me in the eye
Says, “son, we drank that whiskey, now the bottle has run dry.
11 years of grieving…you think it’d turn this heart to stone,
But every night I’m dreaming I’m turning dust back into bone.

And every year around springtime when the hyacinths start to bloom,
I swear I hear her coming; smelling that sweet perfume.
I wouldn’t mind this loneliness if I just didn’t have to be alone.
Somewhere there’s a recipe for turning dust back into bone.

I guess I’ll see another winter; I’ll probably see another spring.
Those who pray for eternal life they don’t know a god damn thing.
Someday when my life ain’t nothing but a line upon some stone,
Don’t go wasting your breath turning dust back into bone.”


In the Kitchen of the Blacksmith (LP)
Songs from the Urban Watershed (LP)
Spooky Bird (EP)
Six Times Stronger (LP)
Whiskey (LP)
examples from most of these can be found at:

Set List

A typical set list is about 10-12 songs and lasts about 45 minutes. I rarely play covers.