ThorNton Creek

ThorNton Creek

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Americana. Twisted two-step: electric front porch swing, roots music for people with ears.

Christopher Anderson of Victory Review writes, “A bit country, a bit swing, at times a bit of jazz and blues...Great grooves, reasonable and cool lyrics ..."


Thornton Bowman’s lyrics and wistful Southern voice are at the heart of the band, harkening to, John Hiatt, Wilco, and John Prine. Thornton Bowman grew up in Virginia near the Tennessee border. His early musical influences were Hank Williams, Joe and Eddie, Johnny Horton, and The Band. In 1991 he moved to Seattle’s Thornton Creek Watershed. The band began performing shortly after Bowman released his solo CD, In the Kitchen of the Blacksmith. Don Miller (electric guitar, vocals), Steve Miller (electric bass), and Mark Drake (drums) fill out the band.

ThorNton Creek's music explores a variety of styles that range from haunting Neil Young acoustic to Lynyrd Skynyrd southern rock. But ThorNton Creek takes it one step further to incorporate elements of blues, jazz, and country. ThorNton Creek's music has a pleasant familiarity, but they are not clones.


Frying Pan

Written By: Thornton Bowman

Frying Pan

I’m keeping my frying pan all greased
And if wonders never cease
I’ll fry me up something good someday

I got buns in the oven
And I know something’s coming
So I’m keeping my wits about me these days

What are the rules to this game
Are we all playing the same
Or is someone holding aces up his sleeve

What are the limits to the bet
Did we pay the ante yet
And when this party’s over can we leave

I’m from the holy land of the South
Where we would kick Jesus out
If he could not kiss a rattlesnake on the nose

I ain’t telling you no lies
I just hope you realize
There’s stories between the pages we don’t know

What are the reasons for these dreams
Locked away it seems
Locked away and I ain’t got a key

When people say I’m crazy
I just say I’m lazy
It’s too much toil and trouble to be sane

I can see the forest through the trees
So if you hold onto me
I’m gonna clear us out a path before I’m through

When hard times are at the gate
We just gonna come home late
Life ain’t nothing but something left to do

I wasn’t holding out for easy
‘til you showed me how much you pleased me
now easy is the only thing I know

now we’re eating at the table
we’re drinking when we’re able
and when the right time comes; it’s always time to go

Don't Forget about Me

Written By: Thornton Bowman

don’t forget about me

roll me out mama in the middle of your field
put the sun on my back and the wind at my heels
let me loose like a ribbon in the air
float me up to heaven just to see if heaven’s there
but don’t you forget about me

toss me in the water like a ship lost out at sea
watch the waves roll in then count’em 1,2, 3
let me sink to the bottom of your pool
you don’t have to have a reason just to be a bloody fool
but don’t you forget about me

don’t forget me little darling when the leaves turn brown
don’t forget me when your heart has up and left this town
keep my name with you no matter what you do
don’t forget about me and I won’t forget about you

I can’t talk about forever that’s a mighty long time
the birds will stop singing and the sun will stop its shining
the planets will stop turning a billion miles away
and all those kings and queens will someday fade away
but don’t you forget about me

She Ain't No Bee

Written By: Thornton Bowman

She ain’t no bee

You know she calls me “honey”
But, man, she ain’t no bee
You know she calls me “honey”
But, man, she ain’t no bee
She keeps flying all around
But she never lands on me.

They say that the fruit
Don’t fall far from the tree
They say that the fruit
Don’t fall far from the tree
Well, I wish that fruit
Would sometimes fall on me.

I’d give you all my money
But I ain’t got no dough
I’d give you all my money
But I ain’t got no dough
My ship’s coming in
It just comes in way too slow.

I’d give you anything
Just to be your man
I’d give you anything
Just to be your man
I keep jumping out of your fire
But I land in your frying pan


A Different Door, released 2012
Whiskey, released July 2006
Six Times Stronger
Songs from the Urban Watershed, ThorNton Creek version 1.2

Various songs from all these releases can be found at these fine places:

Set List

Our set lists change according to the venue. They usually last 45 minutes and have 10-12 songs.

We are not a cover band; however, we do play cover songs at times when the mood hits us. Likely cover tunes include:
Folsom Prison Blues
Freebird (because no one expects you to play it if you call it out)
Your Cheating Heart
Blister in the Sun