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Thorn vs. Side


Thorn Vs. Side wasn't born out of a desire to change the world. In fact, they're just trying to write songs they'd like to hear because all of their favorite bands are gone. Through hard work, they have grown into a critically acclaimed touring machine with a D.I.Y. ethos and a penchant for melody.


In an age of haircuts and pretension, Thorn vs. Side is a breath of fresh air. They don't wear cowboy boots or white belts, but they do marry a D.I.Y. ethos with accessible melodies and heartfelt lyrics to create music that is as thought provoking as it is powerfully driven.

Thorn vs. Side is the brain-child of four musical veterans with diverse backgrounds in the punk rock and hardcore scenes. They came together over a love of bands that have either broken up, or sound like they should be.

Armed with a van, a trailer, a Cannibal Corpse box set, and their debut record, Arson, Thorn vs. Side have managed to traverse the great continental 48 more than a few times. Manifest destiny. At various points along the way, they've garnered critical acclaim, as well as exposure through national publications and radio play, culminating in Arson earning a coveted spot in the Dallas Observer's top ten records of 2006.

Arson is Thorn vs. Side's labor of love, recorded over the winter of '05-'06 at Maximedia Studios in Dallas by veteran producer Michael Havens, who has worked with many artists including The Polyphonic Spree, Vanilla Ice, and Chamillionare. It was mastered in New York by Alan Douches (Ben Folds Five, Converge, Sufjan Stevens). Arson is a shining display of Thorn vs. Side's brand of technical power-rock, whose soaring harmonies and lyrical nods to literature fit comfortably with the likes of Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, and Jimmy Eat World.

Thorn vs. Side hav been fortunate enough to share the stage with The Ataris (Colombia), Curl Up and Die (Relapse), Horse The Band (Combat), Cute is What We Aim For (Drive Thru), Circa Survive (Drive Thru), Steel Train (Drive Thru), and hundreds of others.

Here's what the critics have to say:

"Thorn vs. Side is already reaching heights that other bands take years to attain." - Dallas Observer

"This track is so melodic that is could be a radio hit if the band receives the right attention." - Punk Planet

"Thorn vs. Side have crafted a great debut." - HM Magazine


Arson (2006)
Mookie Dog / Sign Guy Records

Soundcheck to an Empty Room: Vol. 3 (unreleased)
Sign Guy Records

The Debt We All Must Pay
Way With Words
(both national radio and internet streaming airplay)

Set List

Short set (25-35 minutes, 7 songs)
Long set (35 minutes+, 8-12 songs)

Sluttering - Jawbreaker