Those Bloody McKennas

Those Bloody McKennas


Diverse, inspiring, thought provoking - The 'Bloodies' are incomparable. Dont call it folk, rock or roots...this is dirty slide mandolin and fuzz-wah flute, unified by an unrivalled rhythm section. Deadly rock mandolin, delay fuzz-wah flute on top of octopus-like drumming...


Richard Kingsmill Triple J August 2005
"an independent Australian band with a solid reputation...consistent touring...a 3000 strong mailing list, plus have sold over 5000 independent EPs"

JESSE SHROCK - LIVE REVIEW - BEAT Magazine Jan 25 2006
"Wow! mistaking that Those Bloody McKennas are a feel-good band...make the audience feel a bit lighter on their feet and in their spirits. It seemed to say: "Ian Anderson eat your heart out...Phil made his Mandolin scream so powerfully you sometimes wondered if it was a Mandolin at all...Bookending their main set with psychedelic instrumentals like Grace Emily Jam...compellingly earthy vocals, pounding walls of sound...tricky passages of seven-counts, and slick displays of virtuosity...a sound that is surreal to say the least.

The encore of The Bloodies next single, Popular Culture, was a brilliant piece of subversion...a bouncing hook-a-rama that attacked the blandness of it's namesake. When coupled with Grace Emily Jam, it seems the band have managed to capture their challenging, mischievous essence perfectly in only their first two releases.

Those Bloody McKennas are one of those bands that you have to see at least once, if only to expand your idea of what is possible. The fact that you might have the time of your life is merely a bonus."

Melbourne's Beat Magazine Jan 2006
"The outfit known both colloquially and literally as Those Bloody McKennas, are at the height of a leap of faith... a blistering, psychedelic, trippy instrumental! To conceptualise the sound of Those Bloody McKennas, you'd have to cross-breed a bunch of bands, like Jethro Tull and the Jimi Hendrix Experience..."

Melbourne's Inpress Magazine Jan 2006
"Those Bloody McKennas are committed to some experimentation and progression this year. They have forged a relationship to truly perfect a sound which is hard to define...they belt out material which has serious universal appeal."

Niki Bruce, Cairns Post October 2005
"One of Cairns' favourite live original acts...a solid reputation for diverse, inspiring and thought-provoking rocking folk music. This is a band that needs to be heard to be fully understood, and needs to be seen to understand why they've developed a cult following."

Sold 5000 CDs through a comprehensive touring program throughout Australia
Received airplay on Triple J, ABC and most community stations
Gathered 5000 fans on our database
Supported regional areas from Fitzroy Crossing to Hobart to Cairns and everywhere in between
Won a national award for the song 'Time & Tide'
Performed for detainees at Port Hedland Detention Centre
Developed a management strategy that is one of the best in Australia
Gained endorsement for some instruments
Played all the major folk festivals in Australia
Headlined New years Eve Celebrations South Bank Brisbane (100,000 people in attendance)

Played with: The Waifs, Pete Murray, Xavier Rudd, George, Women in Docs, Mick Thomas, Things of Stone and Wood, TISM, Ash Grunwald, Jodi Martin, Mick Hart, David Bridie, The Boat People, Paul Greene, Neil Murray, Chris Wilson, Matt Walker & Ash Davies, Archie Roach & Rubie Hunter, The Gin Club

Festivals: Woodford Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, Festival of Folk Rhythm & Life, Blue Mountains Music Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival, Joyfest (Gold Coast)
Headlined & highest CD sales at
Yungaburra Folk Festival Northern Qld Nov 2005
Earthbeat Northern Victoria Nov 2005


Ticket to The Moon EP 2002
Time & Tide EP 2004
Grace Emily Jam Single & Video 2006