Those Guys

Those Guys


An eclectic mix of styles, ranging from folk to country to rock. The songs tell stories of everyday life, both the good and the bad.


These days, the question everyone is asking is "Who are Those Guys?"

From the East and West Coasts of Florida and along the Eastern Seaboard, Those Guys are generating lots of excitement as a band with a unique mix of music that's best described as Americana and roots with a touch of rock, folk, and country. It's a harmonious and eclectic blend of original tunes and lyrics with a diversity that appeals to all ages.
Those Guys have opened for - or played with - such well-known and diverse bands as Little Feat, Molly Hatchet, .38 Special, The Allman Brothers, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Former Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle also played with Those Guys in the mid-1990s and is featured on "Those Guys I" and "Those Guys II". In January 2001, "Those Guys Live From the Sunset Grille" was released, quickly followed by "Smile For The Camera" which was released in March of 2001. Those guys are currently in the studio recording their next album due to be released by the end of the year!

Experienced musicians Dave Besley and Walt Kulwicki are the nucleus of the band, which began in 1992 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and now plays about 300 performances a year.
The sounds and lyrics of Those Guys touch the emotions of music lovers. "It's a wide variety of songs that all have stories. There's not a lot of ya, ya, ya, hey, hey, hey," Besley said. "A lot of the songs are love stories, but others are about topics such as drought, refugees, and nostalgic memories."
Some are tunes with a slow rhythm and melodious harmony. Others are filled with a vibrant energy. To hear those songs performed and to be mesmerized by the stories - those are reasons critics and music lovers want to know: Who are Those Guys?
Light-hearted, fun, offbeat songs such as "It's a Great Life (If'n You Don't Weaken)" contrasts with the poignant and melodic sounds of "My Bird" and "Missing You." Fast-moving tunes such as "Carry On," "Out of Control," "Then and Now," and "Goose Creek" are spirited renditions that boost the energy level of the crowds.
Sometimes, performances are strictly by the talented duo of Besley and Kulwicki. Other times, the full band accompanies them. Besley writes most of the group's songs and is the lead vocalist. He also plays guitar, bass, and mandolin. Kulwicki is a co-writer and vocalist who plays guitar.
Other band members include Woody Pernell on drums and percussion; Chris McVey, a vocalist who plays guitar and bass; Brady Green, a vocalist who plays guitar and bass; and Gregg Chirico, a vocalist and bass player.
Former Molly Hatchet bass player, Banner Thomas, along with Jim Essery, who played with the Allman Brothers, have also performed in Those Guys band.
Those who appreciate a unique sound and original tunes and lyrics - and Those Guys' renditions of popular songs by such artists as John Prine, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Lynyrd Skynyrd - will want to visit one of the live performances of Those Guys.


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