Those Kickstarts

Those Kickstarts

 Waterford, Wisconsin, USA

We are an energetic two piece all original garage rock band. We have intentionally moved away from the "big" rock sound. we want the listener to hear instruments, vocals, nuances, and changes. (not a wall of sound)


Those Kickstarts are two guys with abnormal amounts of energy. Separately, they both stem from singer/ songwriter origins, but together, the punch fuels itself. Like two caged animals that have learned to work together to gain their captors attention.

Determined to have a good time here on earth, they will play to any audience. Captive, or otherwise. Like last summer when they strapped their gear tho the top of a slowly sinking yacht, and stormed Big Foot Beach in Lake Geneva. Or last winter when they used their instruments to fight prostate cancer, these guys hate cancer.

Shmo and his violent swings of mood and clarity writes the lyrics and guitar parts.The inner struggle becomes evident with the song "Don't know me" a warning to anyone thinking of befriending him. If you dissect songs like "Destiny Schmestiny", you'll find irony of a true story, and in "Diamond Slack Handler" there is a man that longs for the chance to lose something wonderful. All of the songs leave room for interpretation, and some are downright aloof.

Kickstart Bart was quoted in the early stages of the band as saying, "i'm just happy to be a part of something". Well then, he must be thrilled to be 50% of an audible rope-a-dope like Those Kickstarts. He doesn't hide in the back shadows like most drummers. No, he is front and as close to center as the stage will allow. He won't hide from you sonically either. From strict driving cadences, to dangling anticipation, to weed wacker speed, machine gun fills and stops. Oh the stops! They are perfectly placed and have more impact than actual impact.

And interestingly enough ( and if you are still reading, you must be interested ) they do this all without ANY drugs or alcohol. It's just not their thing.


don't know me

Written By: ryan smolensky

for those of you that don't know me now
i urge you i urge you to leave now
i ain't won and i ain't due yet
my bad luck spreading like a plague to you

i ain't won and i ain't due yet (x3)
i ain't won, no i ain't won yet

why did i claim to be so shy now?
why did i claim an eye for an eye just now?
i'm not bored i'm disinterested
sit right tight, i'll show you the difference

i'm not bored i'm disinterested (x3)
i'm not bored, i'm not bored no

white hot intensity

Written By: ryan smolensky

let's get up and attack the day
like the white hot intensity

of a thousand suns
(make it a million) (x2)

let's get up and get angry
like the ones that came before me

oh oh a thousand sons
(make it a million) (x2)

gypsy ways

Written By: ryan smolensky

i'm in awe of your gypsy ways (x3)

is what she said to me on reckoning day
hell, i'm tired of giving my time for pay
lovely girl, aw and her lovely breast
love her smile and all the rest

i'm in awe of your gypsy ways (x3)

is what i think he was trying to say
and he feel the horror of a new aged maze
he'll be gone, or lord he can't hold on
he'll be gone, gone but not deemed a pawn

i'm in awe of you gypsy ways (x3)

dead, as far as she's concerned

Written By: ryan smolensky

i've never decided
on the side of
an ultimatum
or anyone who made 'em

so i was glad
when you were mad
you didn't state it
the way i would have hated

you gave no choice
you raised your voice
and said get out
yeah you screamed and you shout

all i need is my gun, an alibi, and you (x2)

sew it's seams

Written By: ryan smolensky

there is a ruck sack in my closet and i thought that i would
never need it again
it's all torn up in the corners and i saw it there one time
but i don't remember when
i'll have to dig under my clothes and fill it up before i go
oh and sew it's seams
i had it with me when i went place, and i think i'm going now
or so it seems

oh, i could leave it there (x3)
or sew it's seams

i was thinking about leaving here about leave you like an adolescent
prepubescent dream
take my life and put it on my back in a rucksack oh
or so it seems
watch me now you'll miss me then i'm going now i'm really sure
i got to get away
you'll stand there all in awe with your slack jaw and tell me i'm too old
too old to run away

oh, i could leave it there (x3)
or sew it's seams


"Count Me Out" 5 song EP produced by Mike Stone and Those Kickstarts
A couple of our songs, "Denstiny Schmestiny" and " Don't Know Me" have been played on 102.1 in Milwaukee.

Set List

1- just about to
2- destiny shmestiny
3- diamond slack handler
4- this is my will
5- delighted
6- my burdensome friend
7- mistreated
8- i’ll flip you for it
9- just last week
10- nick o’time
11- sew it’s seams
12- surf 101
13- treasure
14- me and my friends
15- gypsy ways
16- dead, as far as she is concerned
17- alibi
18- invincibility has been my strong suit so far
19- don’t know me