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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Rock Realms Interview"


Questions asked by Jon Wilde, added to Rock Realms 6th June 2011.

I recently had the chance to review the superb new EP from Fear No Fish. Entitled "Now Or Never", the release suggest a very bright future for these guys.

I caught up with brothers Mike and Chris Ransome to find out more.

Hi Guys, thanks for taking a moment to answer these questions. Hope you are well?

Mike: Yes thank you, been a hectic few months but ready and raring to rock...

What’s the history behind Fear No Fish? How did the band form, and what’s the background of the various members?

Mike: Rob joined us just over 2 years ago but in all truth my bro and I have been playing as a band for the last 10 years from children to adults.

Who were the early influences? Do you all have similar listening tastes?

Mike: Personally my early musical influences were bands like The Who, The Jam and Iron Maiden. On top of that, Motown music was always playing in my house as a kid and is still one of my all time favourite genres of music. As I’ve grown up I’ve learnt to appreciate and enjoy many other types of music. Regarding having similar tastes as the others, we mostly do. We have also shared our tastes over the last couple of years and so ultimately we listen to a lot of the same stuff.

Chris: Obviously Mike and I share a lot of the same influences, especially the early ones, but he’s always had a love for garage that I don’t share as strongly...

Did you know what sort of sound Fear No Fish was destined to have at the start, or has it developed a lot since you began?

Mike: The overall sound of the band has changed a lot over the years. As children we were just interested in writing soft poppy music (cringe), but we’ve gone through a plethora of styles over the years. We’ve gone through writing heavy rock with constant solos all the way to the funkiest of funky tunes. The key to what we write now is that it feels to us like our own brand of original rock. We have taken all of our individual musical tastes and influences and have built upon then with our own styles to make our own brand of original rock music

Chris: I would say that we’re always evolving. It’s fun to always try and better yourself when it comes to songwriting. The one thing we’ve always stuck with though is that regardless of how funky/heavy/crazy something sounds, if it still sounds good, it’s going in a tune...

How would you describe your sound to somebody who hadn’t heard you before?

Mike: It's our own original spin on rock music taking influence from past and modern greats. We like to think we play something for everyone at every one of our shows. Come to a gig and find out...

How did you come up with the name, and does it have any significance?

Chris: It just seemed like a great idea at the time to call our band that, we were only 12! But seriously, I like the name. it’s fresh. No one else has used it, and it’s great for Google! We’ve had a few names sent back and forth between us... "Hello my name is Hero" was one of my favourites, but after you’ve been doing this for as long as we have, and the hometown fans are passionate about what you do, a name change certainly isn’t on the cards. When we suggested it to our fans we received a ton of emails telling us not too. The public spoke. So we didn’t!

I’ve just had the pleasure of reviewing your excellent new EP album “Now Or Never”. How long did the EP take to write and record, and was the whole process painful, pleasurable or a bit of both?

Mike: The EP has songs that have been written over the last year and a half. We’ve written loads over that period of time and we felt that these 5 show us in our best light. The whole experience was fun and a really good experience for all of us. The people at the studio we worked with had some really good ideas, and they pushed us as to get better takes out of us in the studio. We do love the studio!

How do you go about writing your songs? Talk us through the construction of a typical track...

Chris: We don't have one way to write a song. Sometimes one of us will have a song written start to finish (take Forget to Mention for example) and then we bring it to the others, make any tweaks if necessary and then the song is complete! Others start as jams that progress to full songs and sometimes you can be working on a song for a week before you all realise it's rubbish! Creativity strikes when it feels like, but luckily we're all feeling very creative...

Where do you look for your lyrical and musical writing ideas?

Mike: We take our inspiration from everything I suppose. From past memories and current feelings. Drawing on any emotions we’ve felt over the course of growing up. Teenage angst has obviously been a big influence but to be honest we’re always coming up with new ideas to write about. Musically, I think we draw on our own personal ‘instrumental and vocal’ favourites to produce our own sound and its been sounding good so far ;)

Is there a story or theme running through your songs?

Chris: Not really a set story, but more like little flashes of events that have happened to us over the years. We write about what stirs us. It has to be natural. If you force it you just end up with something really rubbish!

Do you do anything unusual or special in the studio to get your sound?

Mike: Not really, the most we’ll do is quadruple track the guitars but I’m a jack in and rock out kinda guy. I always have lots of water and honey and lemon as well to keep my voice in check.

Talk us through your existing touring/gigging plans...

Mike: We have the official EP launch in July, until then we’re gigging as much as we can, trying to build up as much of a hype as possible. We’re mainly gigging the South East at the moment and are currently booking dates for an ‘EP tour’ from July onwards that will cover most of the UK hopefully

What is one of your live shows like? What should fans expect from one of your performances?

Mike: We like to rock hard and really draw the crowd in with our banter. Grabbing everyone's attention with a big vocal harmony is pretty awesome. If you wanna hear something that's new in rock come to a gig and finds out what its like...

What have been the highlights and lowlights of your musical lives so far?

Mike: Playing the same gig as Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Tinchy Stryder was pretty awesome, but to be honest any gig that we get to play is a highlight. I love performing live and vibing off of the crowd. I remember feeling stupidly happy when we finished recording the tracks and went home in Robs car. We put the tracks on and it really felt like we’d accomplished something special. As for the lows, I remember playing a last minute show to help out a friend who had to drop out last minute. When we arrived, all the other bands had pulled out and the gig was off. We made the best of it though and had a 4 hour rehearsal on the stage lol.

Chris: The biggest high for me was rocking the 02 Academy in Islington last November. The sound was fantastic and it felt good to live out a childhood dream! As for the lows we played a private event when we were 17 in our hometown of Reigate, and it got invaded by a load of local chavs, who then started getting on the stage and rapping in the microphones! To top it off...a police raid. The joys of being young eh. Oh, and we didn’t even get paid.

What are you up to once you’ve finished answering these questions?

Mike: Restringing my bass for a gig tomorrow and playing it in. Do some vocal practice maybe. Get my clothes ready...I’m so rock and roll

Chris: Pretty much the same. Get some honey and lemon on the go too…hardcore!

Anything else you would like to mention?

Chris: You can find us online at and

…Oh, and check out for free downloads coming soon!!

Thanks again to Mike and Chris for their time. You can check out the Rock Realms review of Fear No Fish's latest album "Now Or Never" by clicking here.

- Rock Realms

"Fear No Fish Interview"

Fear No Fish - Interview
Posted by jazzles on Mon, 06 Jun 2011.

Brothers Chris and Mike, and their drummer Rob are “Fear No Fish", the trio from Surrey looking to play old school rock music. Their first EP “Now or Never", adorned with an image of a hand grenade, has hit the unsuspecting public, and thus far, those who have attended their tour dates have had a blast. Jasmin gets a chance to quiz them.

What has influenced your music in terms of your songs from your new EP, ‘Now or Never’?

Chris - Everything that’s led us up to this point! Love and loss, the music we love, the music we were brought up with, the joys of growing up and plenty of teenage angst from our younger years…for better or worse!

What brought each of you into the music industry?

Chris – I’ve always been passionate about music both listening to and playing, and a life in music is the only one I’ve ever envisaged for myself. It’s not something I’ve fallen into, but something I’ve chosen to do. Besides, it’s all I’m trained in now so I have to make it work! Being brought up on Motown and the likes of rock legends such as the Who always gave me a good appreciation of what music is and what it can do, and it’s that spark that’s kept me on the path I’m still on now!

Mike: Music has always been a massive passion for me and I’ve always loved performing and writing songs from a young age. We used to have The Who, The Jam and Motown music blaring in the car as kids and that definitely struck a chord with me musically and I think is pretty evident in the music I write. To be honest, I never actually thought about treating music as a career path until college. Since then, it’s been a total focus of mine and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until we hit the nail on the head.

Rob: Kinda just happened. Studied music from 16 years old & kept playing gigs... Rather do that than any thing else right now.

Certainly an original band name, where did ‘Fear no Fish’ come from, and what alternatives had you considered?

Chris - We were only 12! It seemed like a great name at the time! But seriously, I like the name. it’s fresh. No one else has used it, and it’s great for Google! We’ve had a few names sent back and forth between us…Hello my name is Hero was one of my favorites, but after you’ve been doing this for as long as we have, and the hometown fans are passionate about what you do, a name change certainly isn’t on the cards. When we suggested it to our fans we received a ton of emails telling us not too. The public spoke. So we didn’t!

You‘ve said that one of your ‘goals’ is to ‘bring old school rock into the modern day’. What do you think of the music style (if there is one) that’s hitting the charts now? (And don’t you think there is much ‘old school rock’ about and if so why?)

Chris – It’s my opinion that music of today has been corrupted by technology. Now, in the rest of life tech is an amazing thing. It makes things easier, quicker and also enables anyone to have a go at anything. And in that lies the problem. Of course there are still incredible artists hitting the charts (Jessie J, Adele, Rox etc) but there is a whole other side to it where anyone with access to a studio and/or autotune can put a track out. It’s definitely more style over substance these days, and I think that is what will bring down the industry. That and the lack of talent and longevity.

The lack of rock out there is because the labels aren’t putting it out. The public want what the public get at the end of the day. The general public don’t seem to go out of their way to find new music. Take the Foo Fighters show for the Radio 1 big weekend. The crowd loved it. Rock isn’t dead. It just needs a helping hand from the big dogs. Any offers…?

“Now or Never", scheduled release in June, has there been a lot of pressure in the build up to this or given that you‘ve recorded quite a few tracks at various studios, has that not really been an issue?

Chris - We’ve had plenty of issues over the last few years, but the build up to it definitely wasn’t a problem. The amount of studio work we have done has only made us better at what we do, leaving us to enjoy the recording process a whole lot more. Sure, some time was certainly wasted travelling here there and everywhere to get the recording time, but I think it’s all worked out for the best. Only time will tell I suppose.

Are there any personal favourites on there, and if so, can you tell us a little bit about how that track came about?

Chris - Stay is and always will be my favourite. There are definitely more accessible tracks on there but it’s got the power that I love from a good alternative tune. Stay was a labour of love. We spent about 2 months working on it in Rob‘s home studio to get it to sound how it does these days. It was originally a softer tune (more alike our acoustic version of it), and we even came close to scrapping it on more than one occasion but we stuck with it and now we couldn’t be happier. It’s one of those tunes where if it doesn’t sound as good in real life as it did in your head when you conceive it, it is not worth spending time on. Luckily, it worked out.

Mike: I have to agree with my bro actually, Stay is definitely my fave song that we’ve written in terms of the sense of accomplishment we got when we finally finished it. Then again, as we’re writing more and more we’re tending to write bigger and better songs so what this space…….

Following on from that, your idol singers/bands are said to be likes of Biffy Clyro, Iron maiden and The Who. What is it about them, their qualities, that you like and how do they influence you?

Chris – for me it’s their originality and creativity that inspires me to always better what I write, sing or play. They all played the game (to some extent) within the industry, but they all were/are great writers who know what they do best, and stick to it. Don’t get me wrong, we love writing the funky tunes, the hip hop style stuff too, but we know what we’re good at, and it’s the determination of the bands you listed that I take from them most of all.

Rob Walker joined in late 2008 with the twins. How did this affect your music in terms of change of style if any?

When Rob joined we had just gone through a year of struggling without a permanent drummer. We had Steven Matthews (Free Swim/Android Angel) and Will Cattermole (Will Coeli/AIO) dep for a while so we could continue writing songs, but it wasn’t until Rob came along that we really found our stride again. We actually wrote a tune start to finish in his audition. He brought the energy we had been lacking after playing mainly acoustic shows for a year, and you can definitely hear it in our tunes these days opposed to the ones we were playing years ago. As for any real change…


All good things.
- The Jitty

"Uber Rock EP Review"

Fear No Fish - 'Now Or Never' EP (Baltar Records)
CD Reviews
Written by Ben Hughes
Thursday, 09 June 2011 05:00
This London based trio, comprising of twins Chris and Mike Ransome on guitar and bass respectively and drummer Rob Walker, have been plying their trade for the best part of a decade, and this five track EP, 'Now Or Never', is the culmination of their years of songwriting and gigging.

Opening track and previous single 'Stay' kicks things off well, an instantly modern rock feel to it, some interesting guitar parts, executed with precision and reminiscent of the Foo Fighters' later material. Next up is 'Mick-E Bubbles', funnily enough the name used by a mate of mine when taking the piss out of crooner Michael Buble. Whether this is an actual nickname for him or if it has anything at all to do with the song I do not know, but I am glad to say it sounds nothing like his material. It's a fairly standard rocker with a decent melody though, again the bass and drums drive the song and the guitars fill the spaces.

'The Truth' is a highlight, has a sort of Incubus feel to it, top marks go to Rob's powerhouse drum work which keeps things together well. It flows nicely through the verse to a catchy chorus. The best song on offer here for sure. 'Broken' has a fine stand out solo that seems to come from nowhere, more of that please, nice one.

While the musicianship is solid, and it's well played, the vocals don't quite hit the mark for me, lacking what I can only describe as 'balls'! All in all though an interesting EP with two stand out tracks, 'Stay' and 'The Truth'. Well worth checking out if you like modern contemporary rock but, with several tracks lacking memorable hooks, I hope they have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

- Uber Rock

"WithGuitars EP Review"

Fear No Fish
Now Or Never’ EP
Balter Records

It been almost ten years since Fear No |Fish first formed in London and it shows. To my relief (it’s been a bad day listening to factory churned releases) ‘Now And Never’ has five songs, all have been worked on, rehearsed and with the aid of good production has scored well in my book.

Just as well then as this ‘Now Or Never’ EP hits home; as I read that the band are happy to admit that this release came to fruition in the light of many ups and downs the resulting release is one of tremendous ambition. Pleased they go there. Influenced by present day alternative rock bands in the vein of Biffy Cyro, Kings Of Leon and Foo Fighters. There sound is not as heavy as the aforementioned, but that does not take anything away from their appeal; It’s strong, melodic, with engaging hooks, it’s still under the alternative rock umbrella though.
Like ‘Say’ it’s strong track, and a good choice to kick things off, but it was the songs, ‘Micky – S Bubbles’ and ‘Paint By Numbers’ the brought the quality of the band, ‘The Truth’ is there to pick you up, with a more up-tempo and direct approach, before what I suspect is an older tune, it just has that feel, ‘Broken’ rounds off a worthy EP.
I hope they land a good support or headline tour. I think they could do booth, I would like to see a double header between Twin Atlantic and Fear No Fish. Not totally up to date with the trails of the band, but they must feel very satisfied with this one, I do.
Steve Janes
- With Guitars

"Fatea Records EP Review"

Fear No Fish EP:Now Or Never Label:Self Released Website: http:// Regular readers will know that occasionally we drift out of the acoustic spectrum to take a hit of something a little bit harder, normally it's dirty electric blues, but on this occasion, it's good old fashioned indie roack. "Now Or Never" is a hard driven, hard riding EP with a distinctly indie bent. Fear No Fish are a great band to give your anger to, sometimes only hard and loud will do and when push comes to shove, this crowd more than fit that bill. It's good, honest, hard edged rock with more than it's fair share of attitude and a health pinch or arrogance. - fatea-records

"Rock Realms - Now or Never EP Review"

FEAR NO FISH - EP review added 30th May 2011
EP Review: Now Or Never EP (2011)

For fans of: Alt Rock

London trio Fear No Fish have been treading the boards for nearly a decade now. They've got a growing following, and on the evidence of this EP it's easy to see why.

"Now Or Never" is crammed full of catchy tunes and great performances that brilliantly span the bridge between charty pop-rock, underground indie, and attitude-rich alt rock. Every tune has something different and interesting to offer, and every aspect of the performance is right on the money. In fact it really is hard to find anything to moan about...and I do love a good moan...

'The Truth' grabs the winner's podium as best song, but that's not to take anything away from the rest of the release. This EP is 5 out of 5, all killer no filler, and various other cliches.

In Summation:

The one thing that sticks in the mind after listening to this EP is "Why aren't these guys massive?" They should be. "Now Or Never" is splendid.
- Rock Realms

"The Music Critic - now or Never EP Review"

Fear No Fish: Now Or Never (ep)
~ Thursday, 26 May 2011 Labels: Rock

Fear No Fish have been gigging and knocking on the nearly door for a decade now. As the title of this 5 track ep says, it is now or never for the band. They may be in luck as their sound is bang in fashion at the moment with bands like Biffy Clyro making a similar noise. With the exception of Mick-e Bubbles, which suffers from lightweight vocals, all the tracks rock. Stay, Paint By Numbers and particularly The Truth are brilliant slices of polished rock.

If things don't work out for these guys, then this ep will serve as a fitting epitaph.

Read more: - The Music Critic


Forming back in 2002, home-counties three-piece, Fear No Made up of twin brothers Mike (Bass) and Chris (Guitar) Ransome and drummer, Rob Walker, the FNF sound is a powerful mix of dual vocals – Mike and Chris both sing - and heavy, fluid guitars.

Having played countless shows up and down the country to “crowds big and small” as a two-piece (where the guys say they “took no prisoners”) the band recently recruited Walker on drums, and say they are now ready to take things seriously. Face-melting rock… We say, somebody sign this lot soon!

"News Release"

EP: Now or Never
Released: July 14 2011
Label: Baltar Records

"Brilliantly crafted songs that deserve to be heard. Not to be missed. Awesome." - Guy Davies, Reuben / Freeze The Atlantic

Some UK bands consistently slip under the radar, eking out sold out show after sold out show and playing to rapturous audiences, but for whatever reason never garnering quite the deserved praise for their output to give them a bigger reach. Fear No Fish were one of those bands. Having been together for almost a decade, the London trio (completed by twin brothers, guitarist Chris and bassist Mike Ransome, and drummer Rob Walker) last year released a single called Stay which helped them win a place at the In The City Songwriting Collective’s songwriting session. In the same year they won the Liberty Radio UK Battle of the Bands and reached the final of JAR Music’s 2010 International Breakout Music Festival Final at the Islington 02 Academy. The track also reached number 1 in the unsigned chart and held this position for 3 weeks, hanging around in the top 40 for 11 weeks! Things were beginning to look up...

Happy to admit that Now Or Never came to fruition in the light of many ups and downs, the resulting EP is one of tremendous ambition and flecked with the influence of modern day alternative rock behemoths Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters, as well as scene heroes Reuben.

Singer and guitarist Chris Ransome says: “We’ve recorded loads of tracks over the years in a number of studios at different stages of maturity as a band, and we feel we hit the nail on the head with this release. The whole process just turned out to be a lot of fun. It feels good to be able to put something out there that we’re really excited about. This is the culmination of a lot of ups and downs for us as a band over the last year and we can’t wait to start this new one on a high!"

The EP’s very title encapsulates just the sentiment that Fear No Fish feel after almost a decade on the sidelines. It’s Now Or Never.
- Repeater media

"Classic Rock Article - Track of the Day"

UK band Fear No Fish have an EP coming out in July. They provide the latest Track Of The Day. Check out all Tracks Of The Day here.
The London trio of twins Chris Ransome (guitar) and Mike Ransome (bass) plus Rob Walker (drums) have been together since 2002. But last year was a big one for them, as they finally got recognition thanks to the single Stay.

Influenced by Biffy Clyro and the Foo Fighters, the band will release the EP Now Or Never through Baltar Records on July 4. Says Chris Ransome:

“We’ve recorded loads of tracks over the years in a number of studios at different stages of maturity as a band, and we feel we hit the nail on the head with this release. The whole process just turned out to be a lot of fun. It feels good to be able to put something out there that we’re really excited about. This is the culmination of a lot of ups and downs for us as a band over the last year and we can’t wait to start this new one on a high!”

Now you can download the song Broken for free right here.

Find out more at
- Classic Rock Magazine

"EP Review"

Fear No Fish are a three-piece rock outfit from the pleasant lands of Surrey. They describe themselves as a ‘power trio’ and according to their Facebook have to come to overshadow ‘the pretenders’ on the rock scene.

Their new EP Now or Never is available now and Red Rose decided to have a gander…

‘Stay’ the EP’s opener is a decent enough start with rocking guitars and drums and an interesting tune. As a rock band you expect them to go full power rock straight away but there is a sense of them warming up here, a good sound but it is for the most part fairly restrained and more of a hum along to tune than one that gets you passionately shouting along.

The heavier bits of the song, which come near the end certainly get me more involved with the song but overall a solid start. Certainly ‘Stay’ keeps me listening rather than running off.

Next on the EP comes ‘Mick -e Bubbles’ and it is a song that sounds like it would be absolutely cracking live. Whereas in the first song there was a split between the rocky bit and the more restrained parts, here they mix together much better.

Foot tapping, rocky, catchy and sing a long it is a proper song that rocks and has a lovely rhythm and accessibility to it. Also ‘I realise you weren’t the girl I knew’ is a line that I think most people can relate to and that gives the song a familiarity I like.

‘Paint by Numbers’ comes next and starts with a slow vocal and a thumping guitar and then after a bit there is some cheeky cymbals as well.

This is also by far the most rocking track with loud almost screamy backing vocals during the chorus. More rocky than the others it certainly rocks out and gives your ears a bashing and would get some serious crowd action going if performed live.

It lacks the craft of the previous song and they have tried to fill that with shouted choruses of ‘Paint by numbers’ does it work? Sort of, it has a good sound but it isn’t as original or as innovative as the previous songs, it’s more sing loud and people will notice us. Still they are good at singing loud…

Moving on we have ‘The Truth’ and this is a song that takes the rocking heavy sounds of ‘Paint by numbers’ but this time rather than just being loud turns into a really good sound and with its quick pace and attitude sounds impressive.

Last but not least (It might be…I haven’t heard it as I write this bit) is ‘Broken.’

It starts with a rather teacher like ‘Stand still I am talking to you’ and as Is dominated with some sharp guitar and some almost chanted and backed up chorus vocals. A decent effort, again it sounds like it would be BIG in a live setting but here it doesn’t quite reach the levels of rockiness of ‘Paint by Numbers’ and doesn’t have the subtlety of ‘Mick- e Bubbles.’ Although the guitar solo about half way through is great stuff.

Overall, this is an EP that shows ability to rock ad in places has some impressive subtle touches. Once they consistently come together rather than in flashes, this could be something very accomplished.
- Red Rose Music

"EP Review"

Fear No Fish are another under the radar British band that have been largely overlooked by the music media (although last year they did manage to win the Liberty Radio UK Battle of the Bands). Still, they continue to press on in the hope that one day they will pick up the recognition they deserve.

A new EP has just landed from this three piece, and it appears Guy Davis from the much missed Reuben is a fan. Judging by the first listen, you can see why. Despite only being five tracks long, it has the right amount of ingredients to conjure up an adrenalin -fuelled rock record.

The opening track “Stay” gives off some vibes you will find in early Incubus records - a very punchy tune with no shortage of stunning riffs. “Mick E-Bubbles” is a gritty but accessible track with the pace and momentum to whip up a live audience. This is followed by “Paint By Numbers”, a nod to some grunge influences, with elements that are reminiscent of Soundgarden, and some striking melodies to the fore. “Broken” is a conscious effort at bold delivery that could easily win over new fans. Hints of Therapy? can be found in this one. The closing track “The Truth” is yet another great example of what they are capable of which is delivering impressive alternative rock.

It's just a shame to think this will go unnoticed by many. This clearly is a band that deserves to be heard by the masses. If you happen to be reading this, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a healthy dose of cracking music.

Review by Tom Willmott
- Amped Reviews

"Other things we're proud of...."

1. Our track "Stay" was number 1 in the UK unsigned chart for 3 weeks! It was in the top 40 for 11 weeks! 3 more tracks of ours have entered this chart on more than a few occasions too.

2. We won the Liberty Radio National Battle of the Bands 2010 earlier this year!

3. We've shared the stage with Kano, Daisy Dares You, and Reverend Sound System! (It was an interesting and fanastic evening!)

4. We've had countless plays on radio stations worldwide.

5. We have been going for 10 years in various forms, and is a testament to our dedication and hardwork.

6. We are (currently) an independent band, and are quite proud at what we've achieved so far.

7. We still manage to pull people in off the streets when we play our free entry gigs. Rarer than you think....

8. We were one of the winning members of the In The City songwriting competition 2010! Up against 1000s of others!

9. We Rock.

Nuff said!
- NA


Fear No Fish
02 Islington in London
Date of Visit: 26 / 8 / 10
Posted 18 October 2010 by korna

Im becioming a big fan of Fear No Fish and was lucky enough to see them at the 02 in Islington and i all i can say is that.........THESE GUYS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!
- NA


Islington 02 Academy 2 in Islington
Date of Visit: 26 / 8 / 10
Posted 09 October 2010 by rockinaandr

The whole night seemed to be a bit of a sham, with maybe one other band playing that didn't make me want to go out and have a cig, (with one of the other bands using autotune on their vocals), but when these guys took the stage everyone was fixed on them! I hadn't seen them before that night, but their songs were catchy and their banter had me laughing along with them. Hope to see those lads again soon! Solid band. Bright future.

- NA

"Just a few of the lovely things that have been said about us!"

“There’s always a bigger fish except in this case. Their great barrier riffs ripped my face off and then some. Brilliantly crafted songs that deserve to be heard. Not to be missed. Awesome.”
Guy Davis (Freeze the Atlantic, Reuben)

“Nu-school rock with old school roots. Either way, they kick so much arse it doesn’t really matter!”
Dan Rhodes (Lucid, MB Collective)

“Face melting riffs, complex, funky bass lines and a drummer who is most likely a robot sent from the future to rid the world of sloppy tempos and boring beats. That is Fear No Fish.”
Will Coeli (The Lights, Regina Coeli)

"With influences ranging from early nineties British alt rock to modern American stadium fillers, FEAR NO FISH take no prisoners in their visceral assault on the senses. Unashamed balls out rock with a healthy dose of melodious vocal dueling. Bloody nice guys to boot!"

Buckleup Promotions

- NA


To Capture the King (2012)



Formed in early 2012, Those Makeshift Heroes are a pop-rock three piece with a sound as big as their personalities.

Twins Chris (Guitar) & Mike (Bass) Ransome have together terrorised musicians from an early age. Over the driving, melodic rock, Chris and Mike use their mindreading powers (that only twins possess) to harmonise catchy and melodic choruses left, right and centre. Chris the drummer (yes another one!) although seemingly quiet on the outside, is a whirlwind of hair behind an unnecessarily large drum kit that seems to gel with the madness of the rest of the band. Together, the band sounds like the structural intricacies of Biffy Clyro meeting the raw energy of Blink 182 and the stadium rock sound of Nickleback.

Those Makeshift Heroes will release their single "Whispers" , along with an accompanying music video, in November. Their debut EP “To Capture the King” will be released later that month on Baltar Records with an electronic remix version of the same EP being made freely available.

INFLUENCES INCLUDE: Biffy Clyro, Incubus, Coheed and Cambria, Reuben, Blink 182, Hundred Reasons, Paramore

Check out their sounds! -

Contact - General -
Press enquiries -
EMail the band -