Those Royals

Those Royals

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

“these guys have the vitality and sincerity of The Descendents, the big-drums of Hootenanny Replacements, the hooks and heroic guitars of The Skids (think "Sweet Suburbia"), and the new wave lilt of Nick Lowe. Bravo!!!!” - Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover


“There’s not a bad song in the mix- which is incredible. For an album of guitar pop (a notoriously repetitive genre) to be fifty minutes long and not have bored all the listeners by the end, it’s gotta be pretty stinkin’ good. And Sleepy Suburbia is that good.“ -Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses

The Milwaukee based, power-pop rock team Those Royals make delicious rock and roll sandwiches. Rock and roll sandwiches? Yes! Ingredients: two thick slices of guitar rock, a smooth spread of 80's dance, combined with smart, pop craftsmanship all on a toasted rock 'n roll. Hot and ready to be served, Those Royals are made to deliver for even the most finicky of listeners.

Sometimes moody and melodic, sometimes packing a punkish punch, Those Royals have crafted catchy, yet original ideas into impressively tight and well-balanced songs. They don't whine, they don't scream, with lyrics that are thoughtful, smart and definitely engaging for any listener. Thematically the songs explore the bright and dark sides of suburban existence reflected in the title and concept of their debut album “Sleepy Suburbia” released August 2006 on Minneapolis label I Ate Her Records.

Those Royals where formed in 2004 by Aaron Spransy (vocals/guitar) and Jeff Grabowski (bass/keys) after break-ups of both of their respective bands. It wasn’t long until Jeff and Aaron were playing together and trying out different friends in an effort to get something new together. After a few months of searching a lineup was formed including Jasen “JD” Kinart on guitar and Pat McNamee on drums. This line-up remained intact for the first year long enough to play a slew of great shows and record the debut “Sleepy Suburbia.”

After about of year of playing Pat’s schedule began to take up more and more of his time and the mutual decision was made for him to leave the band. With a new album nearly completed Aaron, Jeff and JD were eager to keep going, so the search for a new drummer began.

In January of 2005 they got lucky with the arrival of Mike Stewart: Neenah Wisconsin native, drumming wizard, Taco Bell expert. Mike added the final ingredient to the band solidified the line-up, and added a more technical approach to playing.

Those Royals have been honing their sound and fan base for over 2 ½ years and are continuously working to move forward with their music. When contacting their label to try and gain booking support for their ’06 East Coast Tour as a follow up to a successful summer including a performance on the US Cellular stage at Summerfest, they recently found that the young label has decided to close it’s doors. The band went on tour without support and is now looking for a new home to release their second album, which is already in the works.

Those Royals are a constant staple in the indie rock world of Wisconsin and surrounding midwestern states, bringing well crafted rock sandwiches to the stage with many great acts such as Maritime, The Books, Headlights, The Living Blue, Beep Beep, Bound Stems, The Thermals and Troubled Hubble to name a few. Having appeared in national publications such as The Big Takeover and The Onion, their debut disc "Sleepy Suburbia" has received great reviews.


Full Length "Sleepy Suburbia" Release August 2005 on IAH Records

Single - "Wedding DJ" Released on Milwaukee Sound Environment - Vol. IV,

Single - "Great Escape" - played on WMSE 91.7 and WLUM 102.1

Single - "What I Did on My Vacation" played on WLUM 102.1

"Live on WMSE 91.7" - 5 song live disk, self released.

Featured on "Entertainment Bytes" for MUTV

Streaming tracks can be found at:

Set List

This represents a list of all the songs we currently have played live, with many more on the way.

Our set list and length depends on the venue we are playing, and the amount of time provided.

1. Summer Car Vacation
2. My, What a Lovely Rocketship
3. Volkswagon Commercial
4. Pink is the New Black
5. Collecting Pinkies
6. Ghost in the Graveyard
7. Great Escape
8. Sleepy Suburbia
9. What I Did On My Vacation
10. Dirty Laundry
11. Romance is Dead
12. Jeff Gets Def
13. Jesus Christ Super Slice
14. I Was a Wedding DJ
15. Birds Get Their Revenge
16. We Are The Weather
17. Paper Airplanes
18. Where Is My Mind (cover)