Thought is original Rock, Jazz, and Soul with the on-stage energy of a punk band. Horn-Fronted, catchy tunes, with a raging power trio make this band a force to be reckoned with. Their world-class musicianship can be heard yet disguised from the first downbeat.


Thought is: TIM ALLEN.electricguitar. PJ BOECKEL.electricbass LYNN LIGAMMARI. voice.altosax JARED SCHONIG. drums.funk MICHAEL WILLIAMS.voice.basstrumpet

Upon first listening to recent Brooklyn transplants Thought, the audience is greeted by a colorful horn trio which immediately sets them apart from other bands. Once the audience has succumbed to the melodic fanfare, they discover that the power trio of horns is being driven by the equally powerful trio of Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, and Drums. Emerging from this bedrock of rhythm and sound is a spirited, intertwined female/male vocal duet that sings lyrical stories of people and their relationships with life, both past and present. In short this is Thought, the Power – Pop Sextet.

Having six years of experience playing together as a band under their belts, Thought has played to thousands of people throughout Upstate New York, Canada and New York City. The members of Thought have both collectively and individually shared the stage with such notables as; Mike Gordon (Phish), Medeski, Martin and Wood, Dresden Dolls, Eliott Sharp, Butch Morris, Antibalas, Kenny Wolleson (Bill Frisell Band), Jon Ellis, Ulu, Zozo Afrobeat, Jerseyband, Beyondo, Rhubarb, Lazlo Holyfield, Donny McCaslin and many, many more. Aside from their numerous live shows Thought has recorded two studio EPs, including their latest self titled effort recorded in Downtown Brooklyn December 2005.


Two of a Kind (excerpt)

Written By: MRW

I know you hear me calling you
And you know I love you
Now all I need you to do is call me back
I know you're getting my letters and all my cards
I tell your friends to pass it on that you stole my heart
I know you hear me calling you
And you know I love you
Now all I need you to do is call me back

Dogs and Diamonds

Written By: MRW

Before we're kissin'
you'd better listen
and let me tell you 'bout the dogs and the diamonds
Slow it down now
a little faster
and let me tell you 'bout the Dogs and the Diamonds


Written By: T. Allen

There's something you cannot ask
'Cuz I don't want you to know
I'll let you know when I think you're ready for it

There's something you cannot masque
'Cuz you don't want me to know
I'll let you know when I think I've figured it out


Thought EP (2004), Thought Live in '05, Thought EP part II (2006)

Set List

Politics for Kids
Nothing New Under the Sun
Don't Forget
Hao Giankung
Dogs and Diamonds
Keep it Togetha'
Dracula's Night Out
People Get Busy
Hanging Sneakers
Two of a Kind
Buffalo Folk
No More
Don't Wait Up
Cross the River
Shows range from 45 minutes to 3 hours. All original songs. Tastes like the Long Island Iced Tea of Music: Relatively easy to swallow, easy to dance, but there are strong addictive qualities to this music.

100% original music. However, in the past, Thought has arranged and performed one song by Bill Withers, David Byrne, Talking Heads, Johnny Cash/Sting, Grateful Dead, Aretha Franklin... and apparently they're thinking about covering the John Hartford song "Up on the Hill"... we'll see)
* Thought Loves to have guests especially when splitting the bill. *