Thought's songs are a new hybrid encompassing elements of funk, soul, punk, afrobeat, ska, reaggaeton, hip hop, house, folk, rock etc. Their shows are epic dance parties. Their 7 years of playing together have given them an almost telepathic ability to read each other and their crowd.


Thought was born in Buffalo, New York, in 2000. Originally the band had a keyboard but no saxes, and the emphasis was more on improvising, jamming and the instrumental side of the band. There were always songs with vocals, but Thought's early gigs were at bars where they always had to play two long sets, which let them be exploratory with their earlier tunes. After the first year, the keyboard was replaced by two alto saxophones. This completely changed the band's style, sound, and presentation. Their music started to feel leaner, and less oblique. Their songs started to gain a clearer focus, with an emphasis on storytelling and the newly-cemented male/female vocal presence. One of Thought's signatures started to develop in the bands arrangements, which combine the infectious rhythmic elements of pop-music and sophisticated melodicism attained from many years of listening and learning.
They had a long-standing residency at a popular bar in Buffalo; this was where they debuted their songs, and developed their distinct style over the next four years. They never quite knew how to define their genre, so they called it "multiple-personality music". In the early days, Thought played everything from country-bluegrass to breakbeat dance music, to psychedelic hard rock. They prided themselves with being open to all types of influences, and trying to write music without the boundries of genre. They developed a very loyal following in Buffalo and Rochester and exhausted almost all the clubs in those two cities. (They even had a streak of 5 New Years Eve concerts in a row at the same club!) After 5 years of being in Western New York, the band decided to move to New York City, closing the first chapter of the band. Thought has been in NYC for two years now, playing many shows throughout the 5 boroughs while gaining a whole new fanbase. They also are part of a large community of musicians and artists in Brooklyn who are constantly collaborating with each other.
Time has tempered their songwriting skills, and given them the ability to lift an audience from their chairs to the dance floor. Now there is a group consistency that can only be developed from a long time playing together. Thought's new music is very much based on the same original ideas of blending styles and influences, but there is a depth and maturity to their work that suprises everyone who finds out their ages. Thought is currently booked for club dates in Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Utica, NY, and Buffalo besides holding a monthly residency in NYC.


"Thought EP"
"In Dumbo"
new single "Nobody"
"Live at Galapagos- St. Patrick's Day '07"

Set List

Thought can play up to 3hrs of music. mostly original with an occasional cover. Covers include Bill Withers, David Byrne, and Paul Simon.
set lists range in length, due to alotment. Here is a typical setlist:
Dogs and Diamonds
Keep It Together
Nothing New Under the Sun
Two of a Kind
Pipe Dreams
1001, 1000 You
Bidwell Interventions
People Get Busy
Old Man Brown
Dracula's Nite Out
Politics For Kids
E.. Don't Wait Up
Hi Bill