Thought is intelligent dance music. They blend greasy funk, soft-spoken soul, afrobeat, bhangra, rock n roll, punk ethos and stimulating lyrics, creating music that can be enjoyed equally on headphones or the dance floor- high energy beats & horns, entwined male/female vocals.


After eight years of sharpening their skills playing together as a band , Thought has played to thousands of people throughout the USA, Canada, and in the last three years focused heavily on the New York City scene. The band originated in the musically fertile crescent of Western New York, Buffalo to be exact. They played almost every music venue that the city of Buffalo had to offer, including numerous warehouse/loft parties, street fairs, weddings of friends, block parties, any bars that would have them, and all 6 years of the Rhubarb Family Picnic (a annual local music fesitval) and developed a homebase at the local haunt McGarrets, where their all-night dance parties became the stuff of legends. They played Buffalo and Rochester for about 5 years consistently, while the greater half of the band finished school at Eastman School of Music in Rochester. After they graduated, the band decided that if they wanted to reach a bigger audience, they had to take the next step and move to the big city. So in 2005 they moved to New York City and began carving out their new lives. Since moving to NYC, Thought has played consistently in Manhattan and Brooklyn, developing bonds with other bands and building a strong, family oriented scene with other like minded musicians, artists, dancers and people just looking to enjoy music... They have been playing many clubs in New York City (Knitting Factory, Nublu, The Bitter End, Zebulon, Baggot Inn, Tea Lounge, The Annex, etc) including a 6 month residency at Rose Live Music in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have also returned home to Buffalo to play New Years Eve concerts the past 2 years getting over 600 people at each one, 2008's with Toronto's King Sunshine at one of the biggest,and definitely nicest, venue in Buffalo, The Tralfamadore. The members of Thought have both collectively and individually shared the stage with such notables as; Brazilian Girls, Mike Gordon (Phish), Medeski, Martin and Wood, Dresden Dolls, Nublu Orchestra, Eliott Sharp, El-P, Butch Morris, Antibalas, Kenny Wollesen, John Ellis, Ulu, Zozo Afrobeat, Jerseyband, Beyondo, Rhubarb, Pela, Lazlo Holyfield, Jon Nelson's Genkin Philharmonic, and many, many more. Aside from their numerous live shows Thought has recorded two studio EPs, and their most recent LP.
"Thought is a family. That is why their concerts are fun. That's also why their music is good."


Thought- "Politics for Kids" 2008
Thought- "Live" 2007

Set List

Thought's sets can range from the typical 45 minute set of 'bangers' that happens in most NYC clubs, to playing 2 or 3 extended sets all night when clubs give them more time. Thought might improvise a lot at one gig because they have more time and are really feeling the crowd, and the next night focus on playing the songs off the record because it might suit the venue and crowd better
A typical set might include
Dogs & Diamonds
Politics For Kids
The Hardest Thing
Old Man Brown
1001, 1000 U
Nothing New Under the Sun
New Afrobeat
Don't Wait Up
Pipe Dreams
We do not do very many covers, although 1 cover we do is Bill Wither's "Use Me"