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Thought Creature

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand | INDIE

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand | INDIE
Band Alternative EDM


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"Thought Creature - 'Teleport Palace'"

"Thought Creature’s debut album
Teleport Palace is the BEE’S KNEES and almost certainly NZ’s best guitar pop album since the Mint Chick’s Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! an addictive gem brimming with great songs and new ideas, fantastic
sounds and brilliant lyrics." - Real Groove Magazine

"Thought Creature's Teleport Palace Review"

Noisy from the outset, ‘Words Can’t Save You’ arrives unannounced, launching ahead with a thundering crash of instruments, before settling into a rhythm that sets the tone for the entire album. From ‘Kamakaze TV’ through to ‘Favourite New Machine’, the album rides on a wave of bass driven dance beats, electrifying drums and sharp, finger snapping guitars. Rattray adds poetic but elegantly silly vocals to each track, complementing the in-betweens and working his voice as an instrument into each song. Despite the entire album being relatively flawless, two tracks standout from the rest. ‘Shake About’ displays the perfect balance between vocals and noise, Rattray’s vocals shedding a wavy mist over Danny Brady’s gritty bass. ‘One Day I Turned Into a Spider’, a track that’s destined for the dance-floor, and a favourite of Auckland indie dance-floor icon Stevie Kaye, has everything; a perfect bass line, quiet, attentive guitar and all the mystery of what it would be like if we all turned into spiders.” -

"Mosh Box Does 'Thought Creature'"

“Thought Creature were just Awesome! Incredible. They have such an amazing style which no other band in NZ is like. Lead singer Will, hangs off his mic, rolling out his simple vocal lines in a way that mixes them brilliantly with the rest of the band. Their sound is like surf rock, slowed down to a stoners pace and put through warp drive. No need to worry about the strangeness of your feet moving, crazy dancing is unavoidable.” -

"Thought Creature Live Review"

"Chaotic, messy rhythms, gothic, droning are words that come to mind- in a good way of course. Thought Creature sound like
the spawn of Siouxsie Sioux, Chris Matthews from the Headless Chickens and the Happy
Mondays…with a penchant for the cow bell." -

"Thought Creature on Einsteinmusicjournal"

"Teleport Palace is a romping dance-punk album with an ultra postmodern sound. Taking the defining qualities of the early decade dance rock movement, they have changed the colour from light blue to bright green, coming up with a unique advancement of that sound and propelling the genre in a new direction. In the past year there has been some pretty good records made in New Zealand, the Tiger Tones and Disasteradio being some obvious highlights. But Teleport Palace is a step above anything we have heard." -


Album -Ocean Dream - 2011 (currently in Mastering stage)
'Teleport Palace' - 2008
EP - Self Titled 2006



Thought Creature are a psychedelic
electronix and guitar band from New Zealand.
They have become popular through out Australasian dance floors for their amalgamation of modern dance music and rock n roll.
One critic wrote of their music 'Imagine Superpitcher re-mixing the Cramps."(The Wire)
They have have had the pleasure to play support for such amazing acts as Yasayer, Health, Telepathe, The Bats and the Crocidiles among other talented artists.
They have explored their part of the world playing shows
up and down both New Zealand and Australia infusing music and visual arts to create highly anticipated live performances.
They have been lucky enough to gather a strong and supportive fan base through out Australasia.

In August 2008 they released their debut full length album Teleport Palace. The album received high rotation over New Zealand and Australian radio and was voted number four in the list of top 50 releases of last decade by Real Groove magazine. Bevan Smith (Signer, The Ruby Suns, Aspen) worked with the band mixing the album and co-producing it.

Ocean Dream the bands second full length is now in the mastering stages and will be finished late July.
Recorded in the Hull of a refurbished old Tug-Boat in their home town of Wellington the album is a unique and progressive step in the bands evolution.

In August the band relocate to Germany and then the USA with their long time colaborater V.J and artist Lady Lazer Light. For their live shows LLL will be performing with the band live on stage creating visual landscapes to accompany the bands music.
The use of visuals accompaning live electronica infused guitar music has led to Thought Creature creating a unique multi-media experience. The band are excited about playing to
audiences in Europe and the USA.