thought DIVISION

thought DIVISION


Hard Rock. Meaningful deep lyrical content combined with original melodic and atmospheric musical soundscapes complimented by strong female vocals.


thought DIVISION. Based in the heart of Phoenix AZ, our musical style would be best described as refined rock music with industrial elements. Our focus is to present our message with clear and concise vocals and skilled melodic instrumentation. We are determined to bring substance back into our music scene with interesting and involving story-lines and skillfully executed playing. While writing and recording, even the smallest details in our songs have been addressed and our fans have payed us back with true loyalty and support.



Written By: Michael Pollack & Andrew Lottman

I'm walking; the streets flow by my face.
I take in all the changes we make.
Carving our scars into natures back
lost in a mirror that makes me hate.

Changing to make room for the things of man,
destroying all the beauty we see.
It was so perfect the way it was,
it was perfect, the way it used to be.

I see the walls, the walls are coming down.
I see a hope rise up from beneath the ground.
Beneath the torn and broken dream I hold,
I see a fragile life, starts to unfold.


Written By: Michael Pollack & Andrew Lottman

I feel the heat rising
as I watch your world today.
I see the heat lightning.
I see your skies turn shades of grey.

Faces floating through the sky.
Forever changing in my mind.
Twisted works of art and time.
In my head they're eternally mine.

I see your thoughts clear in my mind.
As I watch your world today.
I see your people their crying
and with the storm there comes your reign.

More and more and more floating by.
Faces slowly taking over the sky.
Sights sounds and smells making me high.
The moment climbs. The night starts to cry.

Here comes the rain. Here falls your rain.
I can feel it beating on my skin.
Here comes the rain. Here falls your rain.
I can feel it burning down my face.


Written By: Melinda Holler

Centuries of lies and chaos
cannot weigh her down.
Though poisoned as life ebbs and flows away
from children who forget the light of day.
Watching it all seep into her pores,
shaken behind a heavenly warmth.
She cannot seem to set the child in me free.
When the night crashes down around me,
and the future seems eternally black.
I find that the only light that I see
is the angel, my angel, above me.
Within a glimpse of her graceful descension down,
I hid in shadow as she touched the ground.
A being so strong, so calm and in control.
I find myself torn between envy and reverence
for her purity,
as she casts out the night
with the fire in her eyes.
She speaks to me sweet words of wisdom
as my questions still ring in the sky around her.
Rising up renewed, I stand and wonder.
Can I follow.


2007 - thought DIVISION

Set List

Our typical set uses these tracks.... order changes from time to time.

Idea of Innocence
The Malcontent

We don't usually do covers, and when we do, they are by other local or smaller bands.